Xia emperor keyboard or you know the ball on the line you! Brown invited fans to raise money to develop tactics

After the May 24 hearing (text / ESPN compile / white) Cleveland Browns fans have Tucao offense for many years, especially in recent years experienced one win and 31 losses in two seasons, they feel themselves than on the coach commanding good. Over the past 20 years, Brown did the fans are broke. Okay, you are on your line, and now Brown fans finally have the opportunity to experience a coach when addiction, personally developed the team tactics. What exactly? Let’s take a look!

In order to participate in “go all out” charity to help those in the new crown pneumonia outbreak in need of help, Brown provided the opportunity to participate in the team’s offense to the fans. Fans can and head coach Kevin – designed to attack before the preseason with 15 stalls Pelt, in addition to winning the lucky ones have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the game Eve – Stefanski and offensive coordinator Alex – Fan team meeting and dinner together with the players.

Fans can participate in “Madden” game, with the strength to win the opportunity to design tactics of Brown, this attack may be an area 15 times the cover, can be a vertical attack, may be inside the red ball, who is holding the ball, who cover, who pull, exactly how to play by the fans have the final say. You can even command champion quarterback Baker – Bayfield, and outside the star wide receiver Odell small – David Beckham, simply is a golden opportunity. But having said that, the final decision is in the hands of Stefanski and Fanpei Stewart.

If you play the game is food, it does not matter, Brown also places a bid, welcome Tyrant offer. All funds raised will be used to provide food to people in need of a new crown during a pandemic virus. If you play the game is both food and money, how to do? Here Brown gave fans prepared a koi places will be drawn by lottery lucky way.

“Giving back to the fans is part of our responsibility as a core mission of the club,” 斯特芬斯基 through the team’s official website said: “In the case of a global outbreak, when others need help, we should stand and out to help them. look at those fighting in the front line staff, those health care workers who worked tirelessly to protect us, day and night work. these will inspire us, so we added ‘go all out’ challenge. “

“Go all out” and the event attracted many celebrities to attend, a few days ago also saw the New England Patriots owner Robert – Kraft Super Bowl ring for more than $ 1 million auction price sold out, raised donations to people in need. So far, the charity has raised more than $ 45 million.