World Contest MVP Pierce contingency contingency: "Do you need it?"

The Sutve Pear Cares Steve Pearce has become the most valuable player in the 2018 Season World Competition with the world contest. When I talk about my future, Pierce said that the decision to do with the Red Socks is not needed to think too much.

At Monday’s press conference, Pierce evaluated this: “This (red socks) is the team I want to join. This team has great chemical reactions outside the field, and for us to defend us. This is very https://www.mlbdrakterno.comimportant. “In the last week, Pierce signed a contract with the Red Socks, a contract worth $ 6.5 million.

The 35-year-old Pierce has been effective for the seven major alliance teams. In the 12-year career in Pierce, he has played a ball for all the teams in the Meidian East. In late June this year, Pierce shredded from Toronto Blue Birds and joined Boston socks.

In 50 regular seasons who were fighting for the Red Sox, Pierce played a seven housework, and five of them were still played with the New York Yangji. In the World Contest, Pierce played three homes, such a result also helped him locked the title of the most valuable player.

Obviously, Pierce enjoyed the time in the team: “I am in the team, and what I did in the team, let me don’t need to think too much to choose the renewal. We are here Very special, our chemical response is particularly good, this is where I want to play. “

Dave Dombrosski Dave Dombrosski expressed his thumbs up against Dave Dombrosski Director. In addition, 34-year-old old Mitch Moreland will also renew the team. Like Pierce, Molan’s salary will be US $ 6.5 million.

In Monday’s conference, Dombroski also brought messages from other players of the team. The team, two bases that have been affected by knee injury last season, will not be subject to surgery. This 2008 Maxian MVP will continue to recuperate and is expected to start regression training in January.

As the most valuable players continue to renew, the defending line of the Red Sox has been reserved and perfect. So, what is the performance of the Red Sox next season?