Wighters really changed to top small forward? The three shortcomings made him temporary to match Zhan Duka

In the past, Wingkins participated in the physical measurement before the draft, and its vertical bounced bibbeans, the basketball family was born, https://www.nbatrikots4.comhe can say that it is a kid with the golden key, and then in 2014, the identity of the champion in 2014 entered the alliance. Because of the outstanding explosive power and impact, he was premissed as “next James” existence, and he expect him to fulfill his talent in the Alliance. Or because the Knight is transaction to the forest wolf, he is very unwilling, so every time, every time the knight, it has played a super-average field performance, it seems to tell each other in action, your choice It is wrong.

How horror is burst and dynamic to fight the talent? https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
In a game against Thunder, Winkash took the ball on the left side of the stadium, and the Noviier who came over and fleddated, and the opponent was painful and then held out of the stretcher. It seems to be started at that time, Wingkins has collected their own offensive https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com desires, and the frequency of frequently susceptible strokes has not traveled. It seems that the fans also feel his self-blame, the kind heart is a clear flow of NBA.

We will have traded a rich Warriors in the forest wolf depression, and I look forward to the development of this champion soil, and thoroughly inspiring the huge potential of this champion. Wigh Safe, who was first arrived in the 20-21 season, slowly showing the huge talents of the defensive end, and many times played an amazing defensive performance in the field, especially its defensive James, once, once, the level of defensive array. It can be an off-attack end energy, or to see the 21-22 season, Wende finally smashed the insulation cup, with a scaffolding front teammate Downs announced his super very color.

Weifinus, which is called “basketball civil https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
servant”, really shattered the insulation cup? After his talent was honored, did he change to the top of the small forward? In fact, Xiaoxian believes that Wingks still has three shortcomings, which makes him unable to compete with the three top of the world, at least in this.

First of all, its smooth ball capability is not solid, and it is unable to show the advantage when breaking through the basket. We all we all know that although Durant has 213cm height, it is possible to flexibly dribble like a guard. His cross is like Ephsen General. Lennad relies on the rhythm of the rhythm, and the breakthrough space is found. The martyrdom of Wight is not too big and the advantage, and it is impossible to get rid of the defenders of the opponent. Once the hard defenders of Paul, it is extremely uncomfortable.

Second, its first step is not fast, and it is not like McGrady. We all know that the first step speed of the basket breakthrough is very critical. Although Harden’s average speed has no way to compare with Wei, but his first step is still very rapid, plus a large shoulder and strong arm Let the Harten are more than the tiger when they are over. The Washkins did not have a wide back shoulder and arm, the first step is relatively slow, so his face breakthrough capacity is not too great.

Finally, Wingks’ back is averaged, and the medium distance is unstable. We all know that the middle distance skill is the big kill of the playoff, whether Kobe, Durant, Lennad, is a collection of this skill. When Washkus scored the score with this skill, it did not show too powerful power. It mainly shot the unstable in the final shot; and the habitual jumper when he broke through the breakthrough, it did not show it. Excellency, so it does not meet super level in the ability of attack.

Perhaps because of its personal physical talent,https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com it has led to the payment and sweat in the day, and it is not possible to put and focus on the predecessors, so it cannot achieve the pure level of the fire in the middle distance. However, the current Warriors don’t need to do so many things in the offensive end. He just needs to take defenders and vacancies. Normal offensive firepower. Maybe this is the best Weilinst, maybe he can further, then see his personal creation.

This is the star of the league, not because of the stars who have been questioned because of the ability. It is a vision of the transformation of the Warriors. The basketball boy who is laughing in the mouth is full of charm, how can such Weight not love?