Why is Yangji called the evil imperial team management to accept this title

Yangji continues to chase Maxo, if you can wish, the “evil empire” lineup will be more powerful. “The Evil Empire” is the title of the anti-power force in the movie “Star Wars”. Why is Yangji be called “evil empire”, this is https://www.mlbtrikot4.com said to be good or bad?

Yangji Super superstar gathered,

Yangji Super superstar gathered, “evil empire” reappearing the rivers and lakes

The origin of “evil empire”

There was once a pitcher from Cuba to the pitcher called Jose – Kanditreras (Zeng Cuba team won the Olympics, the baseball World Cup champion, 2003 to 2013 in the Great Alliance, for Yangji effective a season after a season Socks, then win the championship and be selected. In view of his outstanding strength, New York Yangji and Boston socks will be chased, and the price is issued, and finally the Yangji successfully won the Cuba famous.

Afterwards, the Red Sox and its shareholders did not have a lot of liver. The president Larry Lucino is always frustrated by the free player market in the free player market, so that he has said that he is not right. He called Yangji as a “evil empire”, but it is not praise. More than 10 years later, the “evil empire” became the title of the Yangji ball. No matter whether the Yangji evil is ordered, the results they have achieved can be called “empire” to some extent.

The salary system helps “evil empire” existence

The existence of “evil empire”, the reason why Yangji can signed a superstar because MLB does not have a salary cap restriction. The only luxury tax that can be restricted. The reason for this situation is because the MLB players will have a strong attitude, never despite the bosses. In contrast, the NFL players will be relatively weak, so that NFL has a hard wage. Today, MLB players will be in the unprecedented calm state of history, because the bosses have realized that they almost never reach a wage-capped goal.

It is well known that the existence of wage-cap is to maintain the competition balance in the league. But MLB bosses called on the big league to learn from other league and set the wage. The reason why they do this is to see the imbalance generated by other leagues. Another part reason is that fans and experts have purchased on their speech without any evidence. The bosses should be happy for this. Because there is no evidence to support their appeal to set the wage.

In fact, the most significant role like NFL’s hard wage cap is to enhance the income of the team owners, and the specific way is to limit the salary of the players. This is not the relationship between this and the promotion of alliance competition balances.

Yangji Big Board, Harbird, Rich, will continue to build a

Yangji Big Board, Harbird, Rich, will continue to build a “evil empire”.

Yangji boss is rich in

Yangji sent a madness of the Year of the Boss, and the boss called Harman, who was named Harman, and his brother Hank Stein Brana, in 2010, inherited his father George – Styin Brana’s Heritage.

George has gradually paid the control of the team in 2007 to the two brothers. Hall was selected as Chairman of the Board of Directors in September of the same year.

According to the ranking of Moneyinc.com, Harr is ranked 6.0 billion in assets in all MLB bosses. From the first to fifth, it is the boss of the giant, Warriors, Squash, Shuangcheng, and the top 5 of the top 5, from the first to fifth. The 50-year-old Harbird is strong, apparently has more energy into the operation of the team. Under the palm of Har, Yangji has experienced a champion (2009), and he will have more confidence to invest.

How to think about this matter

In order to ensure the “Evil Empire” becomes the exclusive noun of the team, Yangji has even played the lawsuit even in July 2008. They made a company named “Evil Enterprises”, who did not use “Baseball’s’ evil Empire” to register trademarks. According to the “Wall Street Daily” report, Yangji finally won the lawsuit. This lawsuit explained that when it comes to the title, it is not important, but the problem involves the money is another matter.

Perhaps Yangji management does not think it is evil, but if the name “Evil Empire” can make them earn money, they will accept it, of course, do not want others to make money with their name. The title of “Evil Empire” has appeared in a large quantity of commodities of Yangji team, and sales is quite rich.

In order to prove that the team has a desire of “evil empire”, Yangji’s lawyer team invokes a large number of related reports. These reports are the newspapers and websites after the “evil empire” in December 2002. They also play movies in their home court “Star Wars” theme song to strengthen the team’s pride on this anti-school title.

The existence of “evil empire” is good for alliances

The rise of young players such as Gary-Sanchez Jaqi, Gary Sanchez leads Yangji to return to the season. The 2018 season Yangji also signed MVP Stanton, “Evil Empire” reappears the rivers and lakes. Eustic Stanton refused the giant team and the Luque team, resolutely joined Yangji and Jia Qi teamed up with Jia Qi to become a strong double star, so that the meaning of “evil empire” is more intense.

When Yang Kai became the goal of competing, the baseball game was full of fun. The 2017 Season Meeting Championship, Yangji’s battle space of the Taiwanese competition ranked FS1 TV stations for four years. Even if the sports ratings are a decline in a wide range, the French Championship in the 2017 season is also the best sustained championship. The 2009 season Yangji broke into the World Competition, and the audience of https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the World Competition increased by 6.2 million higher than the previous year. In the 2010 season, there is no Yangji, the world contest, and the audience is 4.1 million.

It is true that the population in the New York region has contributed to the ratings, but the Yangji also attracted many non-iron baseball fans in the United States. In addition, the crazy suction powder of Yangji in the journey is not a time.

“We are happy to accept our role, that is the Yangji, no matter what this role is.” Said Sabsia for the Ten Season of Yangji.

At the winter meeting after Stanton to determine the Joined Yangji, Toronto Blue Bird Team Trushes John Jiben has ridiculous, “This is the ‘evil empire’.” But he admitted: “This is the baseball It is advantageous. In our competition (with Yangji in the United States of America), many people https://www.fanstore2.com
like this, people will pay more attention to the game, they (Yangji) attracted super. “

The existence of Yangji forces other teams better. The Massen, the United States, in the 19th season of the United States, in the 19th season, at the end of the 1990s, the beginning of the new century, Yangji, a strong years, the United Union’s other teams Have to become strong to meet competition. After Yang Kikis, the socks were signed, JD-Martinnez, the latter was shining in the 2018 season, and finally helped Red Socks to win the championship, the United States’s arms race continued to stage.

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