Why does Walker fall out of the wheel? These data is too bad, the positive and negative value -122 line linnam

On November 30th, Beijing time, according to the US media, New York Nicks coach Siber Du said that Kenba Walker will not be in the rotation lineup, and the three defenders will be difficult to play at the same time. In addition, the US media statistics the bad data of Kenba-Walker https://www.nbatrikots4.com since this season.

According to data statistics, since the season, Walker has been playing 24.5 minutes. He got https://www.maillotbasket6.com 11.7 points 2.6 rebound 3.1 assists, and the above data is new in your career. More importantly, in the regular season since this season, Walker is only -122, which is also a team that exceeds 50% of the winner (11 wins and 9 losses in Nicks). .

After this summer, Walker and Thund reached a buy-off agreement, Walker signed a $ 17.9 million contract with Knick in the offset period. Walker is born in New York, can be effective for the team’s team, apparently let him excite. However, Walker’s state in the new season is difficult to satisfactorily.

Therefore, when I was interviewed, Siberu said: “First, I personally pay tribute to Kenba and his achievements. However, I have to make the team to make the best choice. I like to let Burks start I don’t like the team’s recent unstable performance. We want to make changes, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com want to send a higher lineup, enhance defense against confrontation, we have to change. “

In fact, the decision https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
of Xibdu is not unreasonable. In addition to Walker’s personal data, Walker also affects the team’s play. According to data statistics, Walker is present, Knicks’ defensive efficiency is only 116.3, and when he is not present, Knicks defensive efficiency is 99.0. In other words, when Walker is present, Knicks’ offensive efficiency can only be ranked 27th, and when he is not present, the team’s offensive efficiency can be ranked 9th.