Why are you only holding an average annual salary? Breddy: "My wife makes a lot of money"

There is no doubt that Tom Brradi is one of the best quarters. Because his play time is too long, it is also the best rugby player in history. However, Braddy’s wages have never been “best”. This is also the topic of the circle in the circle. This week, he was a famous American real show program “Jimmy Chicken Show”, Braddy explained the reason why his own salary was low.

After receiving the on-site audience a minute, Braddy answered a series of questions, and the content from their own long-lasting career to their relatively low salary. “I have always value honors rather than money.”

When I talked about my salary, Braddy explained why he was still only holding an average annual salary ($ 15 million) in the contract of the 18th annual salary (15 million US dollars). “This is a good problem. Generally speaking, when I don’t want to answer a question, I always say, ‘This is a good question,'” Braddy said. “I think I have always feel that winning is the best thing in life. And my wife (name of Gitchen) earned a lot, I want to be smart than you think.”

Breddy humor, laughed with the audience, then his expression began to become serious: “In fact, because of the relationship of the salary cap. You can only spend so much, the more people, the more people, others The less salary. From the perspective of the competitive level, I want to have a lot of good players and I become a teammate. “

Let us study it. Braddy and Bang Chen have begun to date in 2006, married in 2009. Although the salary tracking website Spotrac can only be traced back to 2011, but this is enough for us. As he said, these years Breddy will save a lot of money to the team, and his salary is only ranked 13 in the four-point guard in the alliance. In the chart, we see Brradi’s wages (BRADY $) income and alliance income, the highest quarter (TOP $), the total number of total 4-point guards TOP5 average salary (TOP 5 $) comparison, green part is intuitive Reflect how much salary space he saves the team. All currency numbers are millions of units.

In the most, Baddy saved more than 9 million US dollars to the team a year, and the team saved more than 6 million US dollars per year, which encompassed the patriot to introduce more than two excellent players every season. However, Braddy recommends the contract in 2018. Now he will enter the last year of this 2-year contract, he will occupy $ 27 million in salary space in 2019.

Today’s quartzvanic rising boat high, Seattle Hawks have just been a 4-year $ 140 million contract in Russel Wilson signed a record. Braddy will be 42 years old this year, he said he hopes to hit 45 years old. After the 53rd super bowl, the boss Robert Kraft suggested that the possibility of extending Braddy contract: “If Braddy can’t continue to serve as our quarter-saving, I will be very surprised.”

At the same time, Brradi has not participated in the voluntary training camp to the Patriot team in a row, but to choose independent training, spend more spending more. When “Chicken Show” host Kameir asked if he felt tired of football, Braddy replied: “Now, I haven’t become a top player. So do it every day. Pay more. I have made more. I have made more. I work hard The most trusted teammates and leaders, while maintaining their own physical condition, no team is willing to leave a waste wood that occupies space. “

Every year, I sacrificed the small overall situation to create more salary space to make the teammates, but also maintain extremely self-disciplined living habits, training from relentlessness, no wonder the final winning of the super bowl, Braddy.