Wang Yuan kicks the "adult ceremony" in advance, this is the 18-year-old correct opening method.

Wang Yuan kicks in the MLB

Wang Yuan kicks in the MLB

On November 18, Wang Yuan will be full of 18th birthday. Before adult ceremony, this chasing boy kicks in the American Professional Baseball Great League. Some people cheer, and some people have puzzled that “the star” is to be praised, and they will be destroyed. On this road, Wang Yuan seems to have started habit, and also started to change his own strength, to withstand the realistic flowers and wind and rain.

[Wang Yuan’s kicking topic]

Wang Yuan is in advance to enjoy “Youth” after “Adult Gift” 00 in advance

This is really an incredible era. After 00, the way to board the stage makes an old aunt uncle. At the side of the year, the more I didn’t understand, the more I didn’t understand, and I was so inexplicable. While I felt that there was no social platform, I didn’t only the phone, the definition of youth was so pale. And limited.

What have you been 18 years old after 80? It is not easy to free from the vast book of book. Participate in thousands of horses and squeezed over the wooden bridge and start to pick up the catering into the university.

At that time, Hong Kong had just returned, and it was not a mobile phone big brother. It was not easy to meet the young young young people who had a warm and full of warmth. The idol drama was “17 years old.” Hao Lei, there is also Li Chen, which is called “Stone Brother”; at that time, the song is still Qi Qin, a young tiger team, is full of streets, “Today is really happy” …

The youth of the 80s is so monotonous, then simple, simple and lovely. At that time, there was no “small meat”, there is no “traffic to take” the concept, and there is no “big IP”, “Nianghu” and other aspects of the same progress.

What is the 18 years old after 90? Ten years of giant change. After 90, the 18-year-old 18 years old has been too different. At that time, the Olympics came to the door, everyone has a mobile phone, the world is becoming a big network, and the people who have begun to make a long distance, and the strange people can become in The neighbor of the dish; at that time, Zhou Jielun has a “Capricorn”, boarded the Spring Festival Evening, sang the “blue and white porcelain” in the north and south of the river, Feng Xiaogang launched “If You Are the One”, “small fresh meat” Nicholas Tse, just and Cecilia Cheung went into marriage Come to life!

It is another ten years, the sky is covered, the sea is horizontal. After 80, the uncle and the old aunt who needed to take care of the times. After 90, they were rolled in the times, and a group of young people were interpreting the youth of others. Who is Wang Yuan? Who is Yi Yi Qi? Who is Cai Xun? Who is the Rocket 101 Women? After the fall of the 80s, I want to keep up with the pace of the times. It is not simply remembered that a few names will be able to recognize the recognition of young people, I want to recognize that their current values ??and existence methods are more difficult.

What is Wang Yuan’s 18-year-old?

Shortly after Wang Yuan’s kick, on Weibo, in the relevant topic, he has already boarded the 9th place in Hot Sight. However, the people who have hot search have been strange. The popular vocabulary that appears is also a five-flowers. The brain circuit is not enough, and the network language has become a compulsory course that is only updated every day. After 80 or 90, the stress of family,
reality, and survival came, dodging, only to be willing to make a mortgage, car loan porter can be slammed into the policy. Where is it empty? The 58.72 million fans on the platform of Wang Yuan have come. But you don’t study, don’t paterse, Wang Yuan, this big IP is still there, no matter what he appears in the airport or the brand platform, there are thousands of followers loyal, this is a lifestyle of the 18-year-old young man. No need to understand, no need to agree, this is the live law of people.

Receive your eyes back and see what is the scenery when you are 18 years of age in sportswood:

Schumacher is 18 years old. In 1987, he participated in the Kart Competition and won the champion to open his career. He also got the recognition of Mercedes, Mercedes, opened a door to F1;

Philps was 18 years old. In 2003, in Barcelona World Championships, he got 4 gold and 2 silver 5 times to break the world record and declared the arrival of the flying fish era;

Nadal is 18 years old in 2004, and he did not have a master champion in the Masters, and there was no grand champion.

Bolt 18 years old is 2004, in 2009 in the 200 meter competition of the Caribbean Community, I ran out of 19 seconds, 93, became the first two-year-old athletes running in history;

This is the 18-year-old scene of the sports circle to become a 18-year-old scenery, some people have already appeared in the front, and some people have not displayed the appearance of the superstar. They have become a superstar recognized by the world in talents and efforts.

The 18-year-old Wang Yuan also came out of his own way, he appeared in the United Nations Youth Forum to express a full English speech; he boarded the “Times Weekly” became a benchmark, and now he will appear in the United States. Sports MLB pace served as a guest.

The controversy of the “young mother” is still chattering, I don’t know how to grow up in the future, I will have a big coffee that can be tested in the future. What cacue is waiting for him, then look at his creation.