Unveiling of the battle for 9 days: Inventory Alliance’s strongest nine defensive group

The offense won the audience and defended to win the championship. – Phil Jackson

2017 season regular season: Patriot Pass Defense Alliance Episode 30, Pavement Defensive Alliance Episode 20; Eagle Passing Ball Defense No. 17, pavement defense first.

Super Bowl Result: The eagle wins.

2016 season regular season: Falcon Passing the League 28th, the pavement defensive alliance 17; Patriots pass the ball defense 12th, pavement defense fourth.

Super Bowl Result: Patriot wins.

2015 season regular season: Black Panther Pass Defense Alliance Episode 11, Pavement Defense Alliance 4; Wild Horse Passing Ball Defense 1st, pavement defense third.

Super Bowl Result: Wild Horse Wins.

(Note: The above data is derived from Pro Football Reference, and the ranking is arranged in the number of losses)

In the past three years, the super bowl, whether it is 16 years of defensive war, 17 years of magical reversal or 18-year counterattack war, winning the championship is the better team in the entire season. A defensive really win the championship, at least three years.

So, what are the defensive strengths in the alliance in the coming of the coming 2018-19 season? NFL official website columnist Adam Shu En lists the following nine copper wall iron walls, maybe they can bother the NFL2018-19 season super bowl champion. Let’s take a look at which nine teams.

9th New England Patriot

To be honest, now the patriot’s defensive group is slightly deepening, but their head coach is still Bill-Bilchk, he is the best coach in the history of this alliance, he can always find ways to make this talent deficiency The composition is before the alliance.

8th Atlantan Falcon

The strength of the Falcon’s defensive group will always be concealed by the luxurious offensive group, but they really do their greatness in the 2017 season. Many of them will surprise the false fans in the 2018 season.

The Falcon has made a very smart and smart, which is very smart in the Safety Kaita in the summer. At least at the safe sanctuary, the Falcon is steady like Taishan.

On the front line, Gladi Jaret is not very famous in the internal defense but the threat is not small. Defensive Demringes, Bisley, very chance to become a historical level of top-level rushing hands, but the falcon needs to put him in the most suitable position.

At the line guard, Di An Jones is the fourth line guard ranked fourth last season, and his anti-transmission and anti-running is first-class.

7th Los Angeles

It is said that it is the best defenders Alon Donald to go back to the Ranger in the Ranger. Donald is an unstoppable defender, plus his side of Eddam Kong-Su.

Marcus Pites and Ai Bu Talib, the backcourt combination of new aid makes the defensive second line of the ram to the top level of the league, and they still have old coaches Wade Phillips He has the ability to let this defense block all attacks.

6th Houston Texas

Although the past 32 game J.J. Watt missed 24 games, as long as he is a healthy state, he is the best level of defenders in history. Especially after Jadevian-Claien Recovery, Texas fans can finally see the scenes of the double ghosts that are sufficient to destroy the earth.

In health, Texas also has two other professional bowls: Whitney Murrus and the most important reference to Tyrien Matthew this summer.

But it is like the two words mentioned above, “health” is the most critical factor in the Dezhou defensive group. How does the new season Texas defense look at whether the above people have been healthy.

5th Philadelphia Eagle

The old Eagle’s defensive coordinator Jim Shuvals is really radical, which makes their defensive frontline look too comfortable. Fletcher Cox has been in the list of NFL commentators in Adam Schnen in the past four years. Branden Glaham slept for too long, but he finally awakened in the Hawk’s Super Bowl. In addition, the second grade DRRK-Barnett is becoming very terrible. Michael Bente is no longer the Michael Nette. With these four mad people, any quarterfield will feel shocked.

By the way, the second line of Malcolm-Jenkkins led by the luxurious branch group was seriously underestimated, and they were really weak.

4th Los Angeles Lightning

Really, I saw Joy-Bosa and Melwin-England combination, it is an individual who is obsessed with two brothers like this. When your team has such a pair of alliances, the work of other defensive locations is much simpler, especially the lightning and defensive second lines that can make big things.

Unfortunately, Jason Vitt has been seriously injured again last month, and the loose tendout farewell to the 18th season. He is really talented, the problem is that he is always standing on the court. Even so, the lightning second-line still has strong strength. Kathy-Hayward is the top CDs in today’s alliance; Daysmond Gold In the 17-year rookie season, it shows its own comprehensive and mistakes in the overseecence; and the lightning team can be this year. Selection of Selection of Selection of Selected Selection of German-James is absolutely cheap.

3rd Arizona

Surprisingly, I saw that the Red Pitch is in such a high position? Don’t underestimate them, the red tones have many unparalleled genius players. Moreover, the new coaching group is really great to retrofit the team in the sniper season.

Patrick Peterson is like a five-pointed mountain, the town is guarded in the back field, who has to be pressed under the mountain. When the Viking Star Rose was asked who was the strongest guard in the alliance, he did not hesitate to say Peterson’s name and said that he has been studying him.

Chandler Jones has never been praised by him. You know who is the killing of the king last season? Who is the most people who have killed the most in the past five seasons? The answer is the same person, Chandler-Jones. This guy is a killing machine!

Bada Baker and Hassan – Redick This is really likely to usher in the second year in his career. And healthy David-Johnson can guarantee enough rest time to the defensive group.

2nd Mingnesota Viking

The Wi-Beijing defensive group was touched very well, this is very Mike Zimer. And there are three big stars in the array: defensive end Ephson – Griffin, Corner Wevel, Rhodes and Safety, Harrison – Smith. Rhodes and Smith were selected in a league last season, and the strength can be seen. Griffin has also had the opportunity. He sent 10 killers in the first 8 games, but the subsequent film tear limits his output. The snap-inquira is still modest to say when participating in the program, “We need more stable, do every little thing.” This is like Zi Shil, will say, but it is this, so that this team has become different.

In addition to the three big stars, other players are also very good. A defensive end of Dannyier-Hunter is just 23 years old, but there is 25.5 times on your personal career data; when Shelton – Richandeson is inspired, he is definitely a changing competition. The person; Jidifeng Lin Wal Joseph is often forgotten, but the diligent, he has chosen a professional bowl in the past two seasons; Qiwei Andrew Senteho is also growing rapidly.

It can be said that the Viking line is almost no weakness from the front line to the second line.

1st Jacksonville American Tiger

Yes, the strongest defensive group of the new season alliance is the American Tiger Defense Group. reason? They have all overflow talents in all positions. Let us start from the defensive front line.

Carle-Campbell is undoubtedly the absolute leader of the team’s defensive group. The 31-year-old all-round warrior cuts a new high-tech 14.5 times in the courage last season. No team gallblatively ignores this 6 feet 8, 300 pounds of monsters. Between Campbell, there is Malik Jackson, Masel Dario, and the absolute underestimated ENG Kuvili, he quietly got 12 times in the 2017 season, 6 Made of crazy data of the ball. This is still not small Dand-Fon, of course, he has to control himself not beating his teammates and play the price of exploratory show. Not counting this year’s first round show Tarvin – Brian. The lower limit of this defensive front must be: the best defensive front line group in today’s alliance.

On the second line, Telf is not only a hug machine, but also a very good completion of the mission. Basically, he is the most ideal modern wire guard. In addition, Miles Jack can also do this. Finally, Jarren Ramse and A.j. Bore have formulated the most sharp-winged bunters of the alliance, so that people ignore the Dabari-Tech, Tagn Jenen Jeien Jeien Jesson’s partner.

The American tiger can rank among the superb bowl before the start of the season, and the eight-year-old work must be on this talent full defensive group.

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