UA exits MLB; the partner of the campus Avenue Business School is shared; Wu Zun Sundi Angite …

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Andema exits MLB

Nike or will occupy three alliances in North America

According to the US Sports Business Daily reporter Terry Lefton, Andema will exit the business of the United States and the professional baseball big union clothing, and it will be Nike, “This transaction has completed 80%.”

In 2015, Andrum stood to the stock price peak, once in the United States, the second largest sports brand, which greatly stimulated the market expectation, and the price-earnings ratio has risen.However, unfortunately, Andema walked out of a downhill in the time after more than two years, and this exited MLB competition and he was helpless.Confused Nike, if successfully won the MLB supplier, the company will become a supplier in the four major leagues in North America in 2020, the only exception is NHL, Adidas has passed a long long time.Official sponsor.(Sohu Sports)

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361 degree international line 361-SPIRE 3 won the international award

Not yet listed, there is a high-profile 361 degree international line top neutral screaming shoe 361-spire 3, followed by the ISPO Global Design Award after Germany, in February this year, ISPO AWARD WINNER, and then received attention from the Nordic market in May. Get the 2018 Run Shoes awarded by The Nordic Edition – 2018 Best New Show Newcomer Shoe of The Year.

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Ma Mingyu led the Chinese team to join hands in Calmei

Post a new shirt

On May 25, Carl Beauty, the 36th International Sports Supplies Expo, and the “Legend Return” 2018 Russian Legend Super Cup press conference, officially announced the Sponsive China’s legendary star team. Ma Mingyu, Zhou Chu Liang, Qu Shengqing and Zhu Qi represent the Chinese Legend Star Team debuted, and interact with the on-site fans. As the official equipment sponsor of 2018 Russian Legend Super Cup, Kelme released all the team’s contest and official game with the official.

It is understood that the 2018 Russian Legend Super Cup is the six-person indoor football championship built by the International Football Development Federation (IFDA), will be held during the World Cup in Russia, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, the world. The star team and the American star team will fight this event. China will also build a legendary star team for the first time, and the opponents are higher, Kelme and China’s Legend Star team have brought Russia, helping the trend of the past.

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Shuhua brings a new sports health solution

Attend 2018 Sports Expo

On May 25th, the 2018 China International Sporting Goods Expo was kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As a professional, scientific sports health solution provider, Shuhua uses “full scene intelligence, big data health” theme, new display multi-scene intelligent fitness solution (covering commercial fitness, enterprises, family fitness, national fitness, etc. Sports scene).

“There is only a scientific movement to truly exchange health. So, Shuhua adheres to the development ideas of ‘product intelligence, sports scientific, entertainment, and comprehensive sports and fitness equipment and services through professional and comprehensive sports and services are committed to providing users with professional , Scientific sports health solutions. “Shuhua Chairman and President Zhang Weizheng said,” Intelligentization is only Shuhua’s development strategy, rather than development purposes, Shuhua’s intelligent development purpose is to make fitness management more efficient, let fitness More scientific, fun and convenient. “

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Campus Avenue Business School Second Partner ShareHeavy unveiling

Recently, the second partner sharing of the campus avenue brand business school will be held in Fujian. This sharing campus avenue created its own exclusive character in the industry, and took the lead in breaking the traditional school uniform “single product” model, launched series of research and development, “fashion style, college wind, Chinese wind, sports style”, etc. The differentiation positioning of personalized + school uniform customization “has been established in Fujian Shishi, Hui’an, Huzhou Weaving, Qingdao Jimo, Guangdong Foshan and other places, matching 100 + core factories to ensure fast Realize spot supply and order quality, delivery on schedule.

At the meeting, the general manager of the campus Avenue Company, Cai Jinxing, sponsor of the campus Avenue Business School, the Dean of the School of Business School, was awarded the executive certificate. Zhang Huakai said that the products of the craftsmanship also need a full range of channel marketing, and the campus avenue has helped school uniform enterprises, regional service providers, and Vertical buyers find differential paths, allowing partners to establish channels, promote school uniform marketization, storeization, sales and after-sales service.

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Wu Zun speaks in sports brand Angot

On May 25th, at the sports brand Agnite Anng Net Release Conference, Wu Zun officially announced by the brand invitation and became an Angike Brand spokesperson.

This release showed the “Respect” series of basketball, as Angite to give the spokesperson’s best gift. During the endorsement, Wu Zun took a group of wonderful blocks, interpretation of the concept of Angite’s theory of movement. The enthusiastic fan group of this conference was excited after the signature basketball, and the brand also said that “Zun” series basketball will be sent as a brand, often sent out on the official Weibo WeChat, and welcome everyone to actively interact receive. (Tencent fashion)

shahin bag news

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Ofo response:Employee’s salary is not true, the body advertisement is normal

On May 25th, the recent network of OFO staff payable, questioned the news of the body commercial advertisement, and the OFO said this means that there is no fact-based malicious attack. “The OFO has never had any employee’s payment, the 20public tv news channel18 spring payment plan is in progress, and it is close to the end, will be officially completed at the end of this month.”

Regarding the body advertisement, OFO said that the policy requirements of relevant government have been strictly implementing the relevant government have never been banned from government policies. The body advertisement is the company’s normal business exploration to achieve profitability, has huge markets in China. Ofo This business is progressing smoothly and welcomes more partners to join. (IT Home)munsif urdu news paper

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