Trudeau Bisi Ji talk about the new season NFL debut collapse: the lack of preseason practice has nothing to do with this!

September 7 News (text / ESPN Jeff Dickerson compile / Aibo) opener NFL season came to a close a century in the midst scolded, you have to get the game goes. But never think of contracting the game who were not trending Packers quarterback Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers), but the Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell – Trudeau Bisi Ji (Mitchell Trubisky) .

In the case of the Bears highly anticipated, Trudeau Bisi Ji poor performance makes the team had to swallow the bitter pill of defeat, but almost everyone looks forward to, what he would say on the game.

Some have questioned Trudeau Bisi Ji poor performance was due to his preseason playing time caused by too little, indeed, Trudeau Bisi Ji 4 in the preseason games played in only three offensive files only. But Trudeau Bisi Ji denied the claim in an interview.

“I know the media will try to make such a comparison, but in fact, preseason or not play this game with us tactical arrangement has nothing to do, nothing to do with the poor performance tonight.” Trudeau Bisi Ji said. ” we chose to hide in the preseason, because we practice very well. tonight all of our players seemed a little nervous, we have been trying to find the right rhythm, find their place in the attack, but we do make themselves in trouble, we messed up the game; but you must say this preseason and a half cents of the relationship, I think this statement is very far-fetched. “

In the opening game 3-10 loss to the Packers, the Trudeau Bisi Ji 45 pass 26, came 228 yards, 1 steals, passing score only 62.1 points. His team in the second wave of attack reciprocal, in the red zone for the old teammates sent steals gift Amos, ruined the team the best opportunity to chase points.

“I myself was a helm, but I did not find the rhythm in the field Obviously, we struggled in the offensive third gear, which is not in doubt; we must do better in the first two tranches of the attack, and then to offensive third gear to reduce stress is. I can feel myself passing state, most of the time made a good decision. but I know many of today’s attack hit too hasty, in fact, our offense is very into the system of, but we did not find the rhythm today. “Trudeau Bisi Ji said.

Last season, Drury Bisi Ji had a breakthrough year, 3223 yards passing yardage, 24 touchdowns and 12 steals, allowing him to fill vacancies into the Pro Bowl game. And he has made such progress is also due to the team coach Matt – transformation Nagy (Matt Nagy), and at the same time, Najib also due to the reborn team’s performance last season to get the best coach of the Year award.

However, Trudeau Bisi Ji collapse in the opener performance, so that the transformation since last season, Najib looks like a joke. The Packers defense group succeeded in limiting his pocket. “We want to face Mitchell quarterback like this,” Packers cornerback Tela Meng – Williams (Tramon Williams) said, “We know the Bears have a lot of good place, we know that they can cause threat, which we all know; but who is just opposite the station Trudeau Bisi Ji, then we have a chance. “

You know, Williams such statements on a broad array of vocal opposition on social media, there really is unambitious. Still, the Bears coach Najib refused to attack poor Trudeau Bisi Ji attributed solely to the spot to play. “I think he’s reading is OK,” Najib when it comes to performance Trudeau Bisi Ji said, “but I have a responsibility, I did not help him, no; in fact I should be him . helping hand we have to increase the running attack, normal game we played 15 stalls run the ball in the offensive stalls 65 years, this little we, as coaches, we need to let the entire team run more good; we must be clear, as a coach how to help these children who struggle in the field. “

Trudeau Bisi Ji last one choice is very impatient, steals adhere to challenge opponents end zone

Trudeau Bisi Ji last one choice is very impatient, steals adhere to challenge opponents end zone

“Obviously, the performance of the game is unacceptable, including myself. So I want to tell all the people, this is not our true level, we will get back the state and confidence.” Najib said.

However, their next game might be more difficult, if the Packers defense quizzes just chipping away, then the next week the Bears offensive group will face the difficulty of upgrading diagnostic tests. Because they will go to the next round of Denver, renowned for their defense known challenge the Broncos; and now coach of the Broncos is the past few seasons, the Bears defense group transferred Norinari the league’s top-level Vic – Fangio.

The two teams with defensive accompany Trudeau Bisi Ji Father practice for two years, exactly on the 25-year-old place show a few two kilograms is a “door child clear” that if Trudeau Bisi Ji and Najib not timely adjust, then wait for them may still be an uphill battle.