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The 2018 New Show of the Rookie season is officially declared, at least from the performance of most people, the future is bright. No matter which position, there are some rookies to be a lot of color. We often say what “four points of the year” “outside the year”, but this year, these new births are unable to use. The “New Year” of a location is described in this year. However, if these people can achieve a high position in the next few years, maybe we will summarize this session in a few years after a few years.

Of course, some players who are specially outstanding are to draw a focus. Surprisingly, the flashing team’s all-round security satellite-James has implemented the list of “hegemony” from the fifth week. Many people think that he will become this year-end list without suspense. Head name. However, when this list was released, he accidentally fell to the second place, but this new champion who gatched the top in the year, but who did him? Which players have become the top ten rookie this season? Let’s take a look.

1, Dhalus Leonard (Line, Indianapolis)

Data: 163 times, 7 killing, 9 times causing the number loss, 4 manufacturing, 2 times, pick up the ball, 8 passed, 2 times.

A player has 10 times, no terrible, nor does it explain what problems; but a player almost 10 times, there is a problem! The other party’s running guards can’t be drilled into Leonard in Leonard. The other party’s team is not possible to see him to make a special zone to challenge his zone. The reason is only one, Dhalius Leonard – The middle flow of the popcorn defensive group – his talent, pre-judgment and sports nerves are really excellent! This season, 15 games were taken from 153 times, with a rhetorical posture of Luke, Bobby Wagner and other alliances, and won the seasons. Among them, in two games in Hongling and Bill, he westernly sacrificed 19 times and 17-time scholar data, and such a hug machine actually did not be selected by a professional bowl, and now it is true. A huge irony.

However, after a copy of the pony is brought into the playoffs, Leonard’s challenge is still behind. The good news is that he will face the most off-attack front line in the alliance (the Dezhou people’s offensive front line made Det Shan Watson’s whole season were killed 62 times, but the most in the league, it is estimated that he is I want to break through more “friction” Dedian-Watson! It is the best performance of his entire season, so that he surpasses German – James rose to the first place in the last week, and also adds some suspense for the annual best defensive new show.

2, German-James (Safety, Los Angeles Lightning)

Data: 105 times, 3.5 times, 2 times, resulting in loss, 7 passed, 3 times.

If there is no Piece of Leonardo, German-James is probably the list of high songs. In fact, his performance should be regardless of Leonard. Since the team’s defensive end of Qiao-Boss’s injury returns, German-James does not need more to serve the role of rushers, which leads to his data corresponding to the decline; but no one will forget the season The first murder from the front field to the backfinder from the front field. He is not like the Falcon’s Niu-Neil, but his sensitive defensive smell and solid defensive skills let him be in the best in the alliance. In fact, it is difficult for you to define him with a traditional wings, because what he can do is much more than a normal visit. For the defensive group of the flash, James has a pivotal role, and at least in the next few years, this will always exist.

Like Leonard, James will also face the test of the playoffs, and face the madwalk of the madwalk, is the best time to test James’s anti-run. Can this rookie James have another James-like influence like Luo City, and we have to take a time to consider, but the season next time is just the optimal platform of this rookie “debut”.

3, Baker – Mefield (Quadruple, Cleveland Brown)

Data: Passing 3725 yards, 27 times, passing success rate of 63.8%.

Who is the best rookie quarter-defense this season, there is no doubt that Baker Melfield, this Zhairo proves that the Brown team has no wrong person through his own performance. Especially after Shi-Jackson and Todhell ??double-off team, Mefield played the wind in the new offense coordinator Freddy-Chunz’s tuning. In the eight games in the season, he came out of 19 times, led the Brown team to achieve 5 wins and 3 negative records, once the team that did not receive the income last year returned to the edge of the playoffs. Throughout the season, Mefield’s two games in the League, the 3725 yards of the password number ranks 17th place, second only to the full-quality Matthew – Stafford, Brazzhar, Wilson It is also necessary to pass nearly 300 yards; the 11th place in the batch of the column of the League, only 2 times less than Tom Braddy, more than two-thirds of the three-point guards in the league. Such performance will certainly make the Brown team full of confidence in his future, and in the eyes of many Cleveland, the new king in this city is born.

At present, no matter who the new coach of the Brown team, the possibility of Qikez leaves team is very large, and he has a good chemical reaction with Melfield. However, the challenges of Chivus will also face the challenges, see 14 cyclimes left in Mefield this season and 7 times, this may be the reason why he can’t get on the new show. Between the courage and good fight, Mefield needs to find that balance; otherwise, a four-point guard that is always sent to the sneak in the decidency, is unable to lead the team to continue.

4, Sac Wan – Bakley (Runaway, New York Giants)

Data: 1307 yards of the punch of the ball reacted, the ball is 721 yards to reach, the total propulsion code exceeds 2000 yards.

Despite behind Baker Melfield in this list, if you want to select the best offensive show in the year, maybe many people will still hesitate for a second, and a vote flies to the Buckshe. Although his scorpion data does not have Elliot’s rookie year, it is supported by the front of Elio Tet, and the support of Barkley is supported by Barley. Very limited. In the middle of the season, they had a 5-game small climax. In the 5 games, the Barkel field promoted breaking 100 yards, of which 4 the number of squatts were too late; he really rely with his own legs Solved the historical legacy issues in the past few years in the past few years. And according to the current configuration of the giant team, considering the Chaotic Pattern of the National District, Bakley may not wait for too long, and can break through the team’s record on the basis of the comprehension of the individual data.

Again, a fine thing, Barkel This season, the race came with a total of 352 touch, this data is second only to the second place of all the Eli Otti League Union. And in the 10th running guards in the total number of collars, only Barkley’s turn is – zero!

5, Bradley – Line Guard, Denver Yam

Data: 60 times, 12 killing, 5 times causing the number loss, 2 times to create a ball, 1 pick up and return.

When Leonard and James match were shine, many people gave disappointed eyes to the rookie, and the first rush is the highest level of five pictures of Bradley. At the end of the season, these sounds did not appear again, and the terrorist performance of the 12-time killing will reproduce the “double ghost door” manufactured by Denver. Since Demucus-Ville retirement, Denver’s fans have not seen this scene for a long time, and the rival of the wild horse has to pay for the top of the league of the league, but also carefully From the blind side of the blind side. Although the wild horse ended again this season to end with disappointment, their defensive group is a delightful, and they only have a match for more than 30 points this season, and they will face the chiefs, ram, lightning, and steel. Such a league offensive team, they can also control the other part of the score under the average data; this is inseparable from the growth of the binding on the side of the punch.

If you want to select the multi-quality rookie, you have the most quality rookie this season, the wild horse is definitely one of the candidates. Although the general manager John Elvi still wants to choose a headache for the team’s coach, look at these vulnerable fur bans, or can make this team’s history of history. It is not the opportunity to invest in the year of the year’s best defensive new show, after all, when his boss, Feng-Miller won the award, the number of killed is 0.5 times more than him.

6, Rock Wan – Smith (Line Guard, Chicago Bear)

Data: 122 times, 5 kills, 3 manufacturing code losses, 5 pass, 1 copy.

What can I forget the defensive rookie this year? In fact, as Carrier Mark’s arrivals and other players, Rock Wan-Smith’s rays did not bloom in the season; but with the deepening of the season, people found that his state is getting better and better. With the more and more responsibilities of several line guards, the team’s defensive group is getting more smooth, and Smith also found its position. In the 8 games behind, he had four digits on the double, and the excellent hug performance allows the teacher Glorued to put more mind on the opposite side of it. This season’s bear team is lost 299.7 code League third less, the average is lost 17.7 points, and after the back of these gorgeous data, there is less than Smith’s passion.

In this dazzling alliance, it is not easy to defend the subject. The Bear Team will continue this team for at least in the next few years, and Smith can have such a team, which is both his luck and the luck of the bear.

7, Retton Van Desh (Line Hand, Dallas Cowboy)

Data: 140 times, 3 times causing the number loss, 7 passed the ball destroy, 2 copies.

Line guard! Still line guard! There are 4 lines in the top 7 of the best rookie! However, many people are still quite god for Van Dee, is not ranking, but the row is too low. Some experts think that Van Deesh’s field is not too much for an annual best defensive new show. Although it seems that this line guard does not kill, it seems to be a weak side guard, but Van Deshe’s timing is mastered by the timing of the judgment and cannot be embodied by simple numbers. I have seen the fans in the game may have an impression. Many times, in the critical three defensive defensions in the Cowboy, there is always a young man standing out to put the other party’s pickup, let the other party reassemble, This is what Van Deesh do. Let the other party advance the crowd and the crowd in front of the second thirty-dozen yards, although the data is +1, but the nature is completely different, Van Dee is behind.

The current Cowboys defensive alliance seventh overall, fifth in the league defending the road, once much-maligned linebacker is now a combination of van der Aishen and Jay – Makeover Smith, transformed into the league’s top linebacker group. So that Pro Bowl linebacker, team spirit Sean – Lee after the return from injury can only helplessly watched a child in this field do anything they want, but the hole is the young man himself.

8, Quinton – Nelson (Offensive care front, Indianapolis Colts)

Data: uh …… offensive line where he released a minimum of 18 league sack.

What talent build team, the Colts tell you the answer; a second-round pick Leonard became the cornerstone of the team’s defense group, selected in the first round of Quinton – Nelson became a quarterback Andrew – Mubarak in front of the most powerful barrier. Union an offensive coach, said Quinton – Nelson valuable place that he can not kill each singled out a defensive end or defensive tackle, but in his ultra-high basketball IQ, he can according to the established team tactics and changes in the field of decide whether to move to other locations to solve Andrew – Mubarak may face danger. If the strength and skill to be able to practice, then this extremely short pulse spot judgment may really is a kind of talent; and among the Colts offensive line is so powerful, it was only he was named to the Pro Bowl. With a more intuitive data speak for themselves, not Nelson 2017, captured the largest number killed alliance colt; Nelson joined after 2018, the number of captured kill coalition pony least!

In the playoffs, his first challenge was very tough, although they are the league barrier, but the opposite is also the league’s top pass punch combination. JJ- Watts and Kelao Ni becomes the law to find ways to break them to sack Mubarak, Nelson, what will be the performance of it, we do not need to wait too long.

9, Philip – Lindsay (running back, Denver Broncos)

Data: 1037 yards 9 rushing touchdowns, red ball Size 5.4 yards.

Although it ranked ninth in this list, but as an unsuccessful show, Lindsay has been harvested this season a great success, and he even was named to the Pro Bowl list. Although because of wrist injury and had to miss the Pro Bowl, but enrolled itself is a great affirmation of Lindsay. Rushing yardage of 1037 yards to rank in all running back in the ninth, but one thing I must mention, in this 9 running back, only his red ball number is less than 200 times! Because of his opposition to the Colts and another rookie running back Royce – Freeman sharing playing time. This also spawned him another terror data is rushing all yards, 5.4 yards rushing Size is all one thousand yards running back in the highest, and look at the whole league, in the main running back, only Aaron – Jones the 5.5 yards higher than him. So efficient ground output capability, no wonder the coaches and the fans of his favor for me.

This season the Broncos offensive composition of the object to Tucao fans, but perhaps they do not have to worry too much, because Lindsay’s performance to tell you, the road to dedicate even offensive to protect seem to have no problem. The real problem, or historical issues before have not been able to solve.

10, Denzel – Ward (cornerback, Cleveland Browns)

Data: 53 tackles, 11 pass destruction, 3 steals, 2 to square off the ball, 1 block shot.

Although the missed the last four games in three games, but still have to admit that Ward is the number one candidate in this year cornerback. For his second-line role Browns defense is self-evident, all the way on this list fall more or less related to his injury. The Browns If you want a breakthrough in the future, then, in addition to the offensive team champion Lang Mayfield led, but also rely on another champion Lang Ward and Myers – Garrett led the defense group. If you are on the talent, then, Brown is perhaps the most explosive in the league table of the Young Guard.

Other Rookie Tour:

After reading a list of the top ten, there will certainly be many fans to complain to their own idols, of which perhaps the most controversial in recent weeks is a type of juice to spray Ravens quarterback Lamar – Jackson. As a starting quarterback in five unique among one of the playoffs, Jackson ever bear positive after leading the team to 6-1 success. But the frustration, Throughout the season, he was not enough to enter into this list, but only a passing success rate of two games in 7 starts the game in more than 60% does not allow those who like the ball-type quarterback people convinced. But everyone should not be overlooked that the name of the youngest starting quarterback in the history of the playoffs, although not allowed to pass, but his powerful arm strength of not less favorable than Joe – Flacco. He just does not pass, there is no guarantee which one will be a ball hit enemy!

And we always seem to forget that in the selection of the SWAT team player, punt hand from the Seahawks – Michael Dixon is the only one this season, six abandoned yards over 42 yards of the players are playing, and his punt Size All reached 48.3 yards ranks second in punt hand. Playing in the hands of the biggest surprises from the Raiders Daniel – Carlson, since being laid off Vikings, Carlsen Raiders lease of life, there are at least 16 times to play in the hands of the shot to score his first league four high players. But after joining the Raiders, his free kick 17 penalty 16, where the last eight games have not missed any time!

Of course, no rookie to qualify for the list does not mean they are not excellent, but places are limited, and this year has too many outstanding rookie. Akin to finding far, after the day is long, let’s take a look at this term players will not become in recent sessions, the most outstanding achievements session.

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