These issues Jaguars star quarterback was brutally exposed in his game off the hook must be addressed

October 14 hearing when the Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner – Ming Hugh (Gardner Minshew) debut NFL stadium, no one believed the young man out of the first round draft pick in 6178 can NFL league a foothold.

But Gardner – Ming off with a very eye-catching performance was shocking everyone’s attention, ever since his career debut against the Kansas City Chiefs came 275 yards two touchdowns, break out in five career games He scored a total of 1279 yards 9 touchdowns steals only once, up 105.6 quarterback rating. But as a fledgling rookie, Ming Hugh impossible to keep such a great performance.

In the sixth week of the 2019 season, NFL regular season game, the next break finally made a mistake rookies often arise. In Jaguar’s home game against the New Orleans Saints game, played out off a career worst game so far. On the pitch, Ming Hugh looks anxious, very nervous, under pressure pass rush of the New Orleans Saints, Hugh Ming seems to have lost his mind, passing once outrageous than once.

The whole game, he passed 29 in only 14, came 165 yards no touchdowns also steals time. Ming off a bad play drag the Jaguars offense, the Jaguars whole game alone free-kick scored six points, eventually lost 6-13 at home is not Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) led New Orleans saints.

First five games, the next Hugh always maintained a good passing rhythm, as long as the Jaguars offensive line for the creation of a certain degree of protection, his passing will be very decisive, superior efficiency. But the game against the Saints, he hit the impregnable fortress-like defense, the Saints offense after hitting the field jaguar, let Chong Ming Chuan pressure off suffocated children. Eventually, the Saints were bright star Hugh Cameron red setter – Jordan (Cameron Jordan) sack twice, also by the multiple impacts.

In addition, the game Saints defense will also focus on the DJ- Chuck (DJ Chark) – The Ming Hugh favorite wide receiver who, Saints sent a cornerback Lattimer (Marshon Lattimore) Yan add to guard DJ- Chuck. The whole game down, just completed a clear break between Chuck and a large number of yards forward, while in Lattimer marker, was also out off a pass steals.

Also for this reason, we can not break out in accordance with the familiar rhythm pass, pass accuracy is greatly reduced, and ultimately makes the Jaguars offensive stalled.

Although the whole game in the Saints completed only 2 sacks, but the Jaguars offense has always blocked the saints no way out of the end zone. Now it seems that Jaguar attack big question is – when today’s first jaguar wide receiver DJ- Chuck is strictly guarding, others must take over Jaguar’s quite sound out, share offensive pressure.

This game, in addition to the DJ- Chuck, Jaguar’s lineup, only the ball Didi – Westbrook (Dede Westbrook) completed three times the ball forward 53 yards, the rest of the wide receiver and tight end together they completed a total of only two times the ball forward 21 yards.

The campaign, Jaguar catch point is completely divided Saints, which also makes clear the ball off have long to find the target, and ultimately makes the Jaguars offensive rhythm of chaos. Despite the star running back Leonard – Sherlock Nate (Leonard Fournette) completed six catches for 53 yards to win, but for the Jaguar team, they need to stand out wide receiver.

When the next break in the game of NFL playing better, NFL teams will have a more careful study of the video game out of the break, and then analyze the characteristics of his game against them. And this game, the bright line between Hugh and DJ- Chuck will be completely blocked. Obviously, as a rookie quarterback, Hugh Ming has become the focus of guarding the opponent, and it would be a clear recognition of Hugh individual ability.

When NFL teams have started off great importance to pass out, the young man must study hard to achieve greater progress. Next week, the Jacksonville Jaguars will start some showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals, then, the next hope to complete Hugh can show a rebound.