The top surface of the surface KK Xiao: The ball speed falls to the elastic ring or when the elite pitcher

Written / Zhang Zihan

Los Angeles Dodge Ace Pitcher Cleton Koke is coming back! After the list of the injured soldiers, he rejuvenated on April 16th, on April 16th, for Dodge fans, Jieg Robson originally effective in Daochi made this day more more and more extraordinary, selected for the 2019 season full star. Xiao Liao is real.

The 31-year-old Cleton-Kardo has always been called the strongest leftothelial vote, just in recent seasons, with the increase of age and injury, although the performance is as good as it is, but playing The number of times is continuously reduced. This time, the all-star boarding board, was hit two, and slammed it.

Before the opening of 2019, Kok Xiaozhong hangs the left shoulder height and avoids the war. After the start of the Spring Festival training, the season will start after the team trials in the team.

As the only team who got 60 wins in front of the All-Star game, the Dodge Pitcher was luxurious but occasionally injured. Strong blow performance makes the wins and proud of the entire alliance. The fans of the whole team have been selected for their best prizes, patiently choosing the ball to keep the Dark League of other teams.

Excellent offensive line plus the return of the ace pitcher, the Dodge’s 2019 season again refers to the World Competition. After Karochang, he received a good grade for 7 wins and 2 defeat. 3.23 is also above the average, but the role of Koko is not just a number, his existence also makes the players and coaches to eat a fixed pill.

Data is more stronger than the shoulder chartered players.

Clayton Ke Xiao’s career has been todded. Although the troubles of suffering in recent years have been troublesome, Khakha’s career speech is still amazing 2.43.7 times all-star, 3 degrees winning the highest honor of pitcher. Celeron Award, 1 time I won the 3rd crowns, the honor of Kokos has no need to deene.

The career has been brought to the fans and the same Zuandi-Kovas, the 31-year-old Khaki is already able to compare with the famous Hall of the Hall of Hall. If there is a baseball expert, the gram When Xiao is, it is now returned to the famous Hall.

The reason why Kakkang was called the strongest left vote because he had a best curved ball. The vertical change of this curling reached 27 inches, with a quick ball above the league, and the Shuangyi Road, San Zhen beat.

Only three of the three season gram Xiaozhong is absent from the back and biceps injury. The fast ball that once causing proud is dropped to 90 miles / h. The injured is the shoulder.

Pitcher’s hand shoulder injury Koke Xiao no afraid ball speed drop

Shoulder injury is a pitcher’s life, especially for the first firing, it can completely restore the probability of the past speed after the shoulder injury is 10% below, plus the previous back injury, the strongest left videos of the surface is not hurt sick. A series of injuries have led to the Jude 161, and the new shoulder injury did indeed leading to Kokra.

The left shoulders of Kex Xiao have undertaken 2200 bureaus and serious lower injuries, and he also found the previous sphere. He rapidly rapidly at 90 mph in 90 mph this season, he was slower than 88 pitcher in at least 400 quartz speed. Kok Xiao has seen many reports on studying his rapid decline, and he obviously does not think that he is on the verge of retirement.

“People have been talking about speed, because this is a very simple and intuitive statistical data,” Kex Xiao said in a dictation of the Dodge Stadium in the Dodge Stadium last month. “There are some pitcher to shoot very quickly, but this means that they are better than me.”

Each player will eventually go old, no one can avoid this harsh reality. However, the truly distinct star pitcher and elite pitcher is the elite pitcher finds a way to quickly caught out after the ball fell. When entering the next stage of your career, Kokra must face such a challenge: in the next decade, hold the title of “the strongest left vote” of the surface, what do he want to maintain efficiency?

Three years, renewed the old House, Kok, Xiao Xiao, must be the strongest left

After signing the new three-year renewal contract with the winter Los Angeles Daoqi team last year, Clayton Kexiao is still a elite pitcher. In order to retrieve the past pressures again, Ke Xiao put health and life in the first place, focusing on improving the ball speed, he began to seek advice to the old pitcher in the league, and even try to use biological mechanics to help you improve the ball speed.

Dodge Coach David – Roberts said that Ke Xiao is focusing on improving the ball speed may cause the shoulders to still have problems. “Maybe,” Roberts acknowledged. “I think that Clayton is working hard, but in order to our coach, Ke Xiao has many kinds of balls. He has the ability to schedule arrested to adjust the ball strategy. He is still elite pitcher.”

Roberts said this reason, even if the Kau Xiao in the past few years, he has been evolving and has been adjusting the ball strategy. The potent ball that must be killed in the past occasionally used to grab the number of spins. Ka Xiao is always happy to try to become better, so he has no reason to do not continue to perform in the hands of the karter ball in the nearly two seasons.

Although Koke Xiao is unknowingly going to the gym reunion, adding the flexibility for faster pitching speed. After all, it will kill the ball is the ball, he needs a faster straight ball to create a bigger speed to make a cheer. However, Kokra is still falling in the ball than last year, now stands for 90 miles / hour.

Transfer to Carter Ball Kokos is still bigger

Dodge Coach David – Roberts pointed out: “Now the age growth does not mean the end of the career, Justntine-Wandad is a good example. Learn more smartly, it is the key to pushing the ball. The career attitude of the Lord, our Dodge ball has a top coach, so I will say anything possible. “

The current gram Xiao is in most of the time, instead of the quartz speed. In the 153 premium pitcher who came at least 100 bians in 2018, Khakhawei Tiantian will be more special in the Britkener. Clayton Kkha gradually took the fast ball as a secondary choice, and the kartball with the subsidence is to avoid the hurt of the opponent, and match the original Powerful curmed ball. Kars went to the change of the speed of the ball in the past two seasons, enough to prove that he is an elite pitcher.

Compared to about 5 miles than about 5 miles than the peak period, the pessimistic fans may think that he may have a three-year contract. But it is because of this, his speed ball value is higher than in any season. Although the sample data is relatively small, this also illustrates the best adjustment in the case of gram Xiao’s speed drop.

Although Kak 4’s tetraunction fastball decreased than the three-vibration power, as long as he controls the split point and puts it with the Carter ball, the four stitches of Koko is far from the point of the seal.

Take off ten years of super-human work clothes, I want to be elite pitcher

In the past ten years, Dodge fans have become accustomed to Cleeding – Kosham on the court. Whether it is the end of the team, it is still ahead of the season, and the key scene will be issued. Ka Xiao has always come forward when the team needs him.

However, gram Shado gradually goes easier before, but he still expects that the 2019 season says that there will be new breakthroughs in the future. He wants to show that he can still dominate the hill, maybe it is not entirely as before, but the elite pitcher who is afraid of the bearer.

“I don’t want myself just average, I want to be an elite pitcher,” Kha Xiaoquan said before the interview. “I have to work hard to shoot, I don’t allow the mentality of trying to trial. I don’t want to be a pitcher who is replaced by five or six biases. I want to be the kind of for the ninth game every time. “

Clayton Kk Xiao doesn’t like “change”. He has always thought that the reporters were trying to test the old way to change the ball. For the professional attitude, Kokra is just a slight smile, and what he most wants to do now is to stand in a hundred and then prove himself.