The sun 16 is better than the victory basket! Harden was hosted by the home scene! Durant offs 39 points!

15 winning sun VS east first basket.

There are two strong things in the East and West, and the final sun takes 113-107.

With this victory, the Sun’s record came to 17 wins and 3 losses, and the Warriover of the Alliance was only 0.5 win.

At the same https://www.nbatrikots4.comtime, there are still many players to refresh their own career records. ? Paul hopped 22 points 8 rebounds 5 assists,

After the accumulation of these data, his personal collar rebound has reached 5,000, which has become the first player of NBA history.

Now, I will take a few years ago, when I thought that everyone thought that the old cannon was 4 years to 120 million to the lion.

How much oil is actually in his fuel tank, only herself clear. Paul went to each team before and after winning

The 35-year-old cannon scored in the finals, and the 36-year-old cannon as a team of 16 consecutive victories.

The performance of the performance is not bad more than the old old teammates, and even a lot of fans are sometimes.

Who can think of the 36-year-old cannon to play like 26 years old,

Who can think of Haden will have a day, almost can’t get three pairs of score?

With your own negotiations, you will get 30 million on the negotiating table, and then with your own strength, you have proved this contract on the court.

Chris Paul, I really have you.

Bridges settled in seven steals, refreshed with new career, which is estimated to have more than half from the plane.

Bridges won 13 points 6 panels today

It is said that people have pulling the cross, and it is probably today’s Naggades, and the brightening is catching up, a “brought to you”, the ball actually unconsciously flying toward him.

This dumb loss, the label is ate.

Bark came from 31 minutes to accumulate 30 minutes 4 assists.

Telling true, now Bak has some old Naka, when the scorpion is peak, we have failed to see the most powerful packets and point guards at the time.

Fortunately, when the old gun strengthened, he met the ultimate fascination of the old department. He and the old department as paranoid, the same thirst, and they hit the playoffs together, hit the winner together,

This time, another championship.

As for the side of the Net, the name is criticized James – Harden.

What is your full name? Because this game, the performance of the plane directly pulled up.

I believe that in most people’s hearts, the battle before Haden this season is enough to take the top ten of the league, or even the top five.

But what about now? A all-round warrior has become a defensive castle version of the dream – Green. Even dreaming will not play so much iron, send so many mistakes.

The home fans have fell to the stars, this scene, I saw it for the first time.

I will think of Huo Master, Guogo has also fell into a similar situation a few years ago.

I hope that Harden can also nirvan, re-retrieving it, is wearing a rocket.

It is said that there are three giants in the basket network. If you don’t look at the game, then you will think that the three giants are: Durant, Ade, British.

Ade 12 in 8 cut 18 points 6 rebounds, this Bryi 11 in 9 cuts 18 points 9 rebounds,

I have to say that I’m retired again, otherwise this year’s basket network is really grass. No time to overtime, 阿 狠 草 45 minutes.

In fact, Nash is not wanting to use Adu’s, weird, I can take the points, Nash lives.

The audience Augzed 39 points 9 rebound 7 assists, the last section chased 6 points from the backward 20 points,

Unfortunately, it is worse. Adu is difficult

Personally, play such a team, so much behind the last festival, then you can put it, why must you use Adu?

The season has only one quarter, and more people are more worried about Adudi body. Nash, you can do your heart.

Data statistics

Net: Durant 39 points 9 board 7 help 4 broken, Harden 12 points 13 board 14 help 2 caps 7 mistakes, Mills 9 points 3 plates 2 help, Aldrich 18 points 6 plates, this Bryi 18 points 9-board

Sun: Bark 30 points 4 help, Paul 22 points 8 board 5 help, Eaton 10 points 6 plates, Bridges 13 points 6 plates 7 broken, McGi 10 points 10 boards