The secret of the rocket! Re-use two major non-balls, ball allocation, and interpretation of the extreme space

The rocket in the rest period is full. It is estimated that he did not think that it would encounter 15 losers to steadily in the western count. The average score is only 98.2 points, and the countdown in the league is first, but in the near future, they got 118 points and 146 points. It is simply sentenced to the two teams before, then what exclaimed the rocket Attack firepower?

In these two games, Sierras is important for the two players. The first is the Matthews, which is the top of Green, and the second is Brooks that reincarn the rotation lineup, due to the lineup of the Rocket. Very young, each player wants to get a chance of performance, whether it is small port, Green, and even Wood is very like to hold the ball attack, there will be “who takes the ball, who offense”, they There is no single-handed ability to reach the superstar level, leading to the team’s offensive, and only 19.6 assists in the Rockets during the losers, but reach the field 18.5 mistakes, and the two data alliance countdown first.

Matthews and Brooks are a role player who does not occupy the right. They will seek quick-shipment opportunities through constant run, so that the team’s space is more reasonable, and will disrupt the opponent’s defensive station, in two In the game, the Rockets played a long-lost team basketball. The ball is very smooth. Although it still does not control the mistake (18.5 times), but they have sent 31.5 assists, each player participated in the attack, 8 people scored in the game in the game, and the built washing is more than 4 people to score 20+, very balanced.

Of course, the most critical is Matthew and Brooz’s three-pointers, especially for air shooting, during the losses, 19.6% of the Rockets is in full vacuum opportunities, ranking 14th, but Only 33.3% of the hit rate, the 26th rankings, simply, the rocket can make the opportunity to shoot the shooting, but no players can put the ball into the ball, no players can invest more than 2nd Both the ball, the three-point ball rate exceeds 40%, or it is still considered to have a European internal player ShenIn, who has not fully developed three-pointer.

In the rocket two-game winning competition, Matthews and Brooks injected a full firepower into the team’s outside, the first two people invest 5 three-pointers, the hit rate is 50%, the second game is more voted Into 10 trips, the hit rate also reached 50%, the threat value of the two in the outside, also provided a better breakthrough space for other players, saying that the feeling of hand is infected, the rocket team’s three-pointer Started to pick up, the hit
rate reached 47.1%, and the average grinding.

Although the rocket is impossible to maintain such a hot feel, at least the team finds a more reasonable configuration method, waiting to return to the starting lineup after Green returns, but Matthew can continue to be the first As a player who only holds a two-way contract, Matthew has already showed his strength, and it is believed that it will continue to get a chance, let Gordhen’s position of the sixth person can also increase the attack power of the second lineup. Brooks became the three-story king of the team after the joining the rocket last season, and the average of 3 records, and it is also worthy of round lineup. As the season is carried out, the performance of the rocket will be more and better, let us Waiting for it!