The second week after the madness, Brown Weizhen Double double cut kicker star veteran Beileble

After experiencing a player who played an extremely bleak, the Sunday, Minnesota, and Cleveland, Diagno, cutting their play on Monday, is Brown’s in NFL into the second The season of Zhane-Gonzalez and the rookie player kickboarder Daniel Carlson.

As the highest player in the 2018 selection conference, Viking people will pick up Kars from Auben University directly in the fifth round of the draft, I hope to find a long-term reliable candidate in this position. . After all, after the 2015 season, the cards in the game of the game were last shot after the 27-yard winning, the Viking people experienced too much turmoil in the special position of playing the game. Last season, their player Favebas only left 84.2% of the hit rate in regular season, while kicking 5 additional points. However, Carlson launched the 35 yards in the last time in the last time in the last time of His senior in the Packed Master on Sunday. Prior to this, Carlson had already missed 2 anytimes in this game, and kicked a 48 yard from the routine time, and at the beginning of the overtime, Carlson also kicked a 49 yard. Free kick. And this rookie has left a 4-time hit 25% of 4 shots in the 2 games in the career.

At the press conference on Monday, Viking’s head coach Qi Mun gave his reply from the reporter to the question of Calessen, “a very simple decision. Do you have not seen yesterday? Is it? “

Viking has made a lot of attempts in the early training camp in the season, trying to make this changing position to change. The hit rate left in the quarter training camp is still only a hit rate with the Wilbas, and after the race in the preseason, Qi Mun even once thought of playing in the quarter. 2 points in the way to wake up Carlson and will always be violated.

After cutting Carson, the Viking signed the old star player, and camp in the quarter training camp by the old Dan – Bailei. The 30-year-old player has a hit rate of 88.2% of the History of History in the past 7 years before, and there is an 89.9% hit rate in the indoor stadium.

Another player who is unemployed at the same time at the same time is Brown’s Zhane – Gonzalez. Gonzalez is a rare high-level kickner in the 2017 selection conference for many years. In the 2016 season, there was a free kick at 50 yards in Arizona, and the free kick of 7 50 yards was hit. In 2016, only a crow star played in the entire United States. The 50 yards of free balls are more than Gangsalesto (10). So Bron in the 2017 election in the 7th round of squats, I hope he can be a long-term player of the team. However, in the rookie season of Gonzalez, he leaving only the performance of 20 shots, and there are 2 from 40 yards.

In the past two weeks in 2018, Gonzalez first missed the overtime of the overtime in the heavy rain, and in the face of the saints, it may be an additional minute try to win. The last minute of the game can be equal to 53 yards.

Based on the report, Gonzalez’s groin has always been injured, but Brown also directly cuts Gogosalez directly on Monday. Brown signed the previous battle in the Atlantic University of Florida, and the preseason in the Miami dolphin has 3 shots 3 from South Africa.

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