The raid 27-14 wild horses half a zero opponent raided home perfect end

The pioneer of the leader is not able to enter the range of shooting after 5 minutes, abandon the Kords – Vadr will also kick the ball to the raid team. Orot this is a good quality, the ball rolls directly to the front 1 yard of the raid team. However, the raid team’s attack hand De Welne-Harris is a big man, and it is actually a wild horse player when the wild horse players will pick up the ball. Since this ball is too close, it will be manufactured in the end area. The wild horse player did not expect Dewin Harris to choose to attack, so he took advantage of the wild horse player, and quickly went to the matrix front direction. By the help of teammates, Devene-Harris completed 99 yards of the kick attack at the beginning of 5 minutes, 7: 0. Subsequently after the two sides gave each other, after the second day, the raid team was again attacked to the half of the wild horse. The quadritutal-Carl Karl was found several times. Martin, Doug-Martin took the ball in the end of the half, took the ball into the field of the wild horse, 14: 0. The wild horse did not achieve any advancement, and the raid team was free to live in 19 seconds before the end of the half, 17: 0, the raid team in the first half of the wild horse.