The pirate running warptery is stolen in the car, said that it is remote to clear

From some things happening, NFL’s players are best not to touch the car this period of time; Demausi-Thomas turns, Joh Rosen is scraped, Tom-Braddy has a brand, or more or less They are related to the car. Now, Tampa Bay pirate team runs to Payton – Barburge has a fourth collapse egg. When he went to Atlanta, his car was broken and the window had a window theft! More importantly, his tablet has been stolen by thieves, and this computer has a pirate tactical manual!

According to the police, the US Eastern Time is around 5 o’clock in the morning, and a group of men broke into the Jeep Wrangler SUV in a high-rise building in Atlanta Bacchhend. Berbee found his car driver’s seat back on the back side of the car window, the door was halfway, and immediately alarm. The police said that in addition to this tactical manual, these men stole the Barburg, famous sunglasses and clothes. After the police received the report, a car theft case occurred in the same place, the committee and Barbur’s car were parked, and the police said that these two cases should be the same group of suspects.

Is this story very familiar? Let’s go back to New York four years ago. At that time, the jets had a corner called Josh Tomas; this angle guard has been turned into 7 teams from 2011-2016, October 14, 2014, the jet team will Sign. However, Thomas is not given to the second-line defense of the jet team, it is almost smashed! On December 14, the same is the car stolen, Thomas’ s tactical manual of the tactical manual, which allows the jet machine to cut him directly after two days. Although the team gave Thomas’ s criticism is “unaccompressed and teammates”, it all knows that his discontinued and lost tactical manual has a direct relationship. And this angle guard did not appear in people’s field of view after 2017.

However, four years later, the progress of technology is different from the new month. Pedon-Berb is no longer worried about the loss of work because of the loss of tactical manual! An official of the pirate tells the ESPN reporter that they have reminded the data on this tablet, and now there is no information on the team’s tactical manual, and they don’t have to worry about any private information disclosure of the team.

Bar Ber was signed by the pirate by the pirate in 2016, after three years, his personal data increased in the form of doubles. The rookie season can only contribute 55 sho of 223 yards of 1 time, and his data is increased to 234 shocks last season, and it has become the team’s first Run away. Although the pirate team has not been ideal, the arrival of the old handsome Bruce – Aliis is very likely to let the team’s attack reborn; if the team can not introduce a heavy run in the free market, then Baber is still possible to focus on the weapons that they focus on pavement attacks.