The official list: the Warriors are all of the first sun basket network

Beijing time November 30th, the NBA official announced
the latest phase, of which the Warriors were ranked first, and the Sun’s basket is ranked twenty or three, and the Lakers are still in the nineteen position.

Specifically ranked as follows:

1. Warriors (ranked first last week), 2. Sun (ranked 2nd in last week), 3. Nets (ranked 4th last week), 4. Heat (ranked 5th last week), 5. Burrow ( Ranked 10th last week);

6. Bulls (ranked third in last week), 7 Jazz (ranking No. 7 last week), 8. odd (ranked 6th last week), 9. Sanda (ranked 14th last week), 10. Bus boat ( Ranked 8th last week);

11. Celtics (ranked 9) last week (ranked 15th last week), 13.76 (ranked No. 11 last week), 14. Ranked 18th last week), 15. Eagle (Ranked 17 last week);

16. Knights (ranked 13th last week), 17. Forest wolf (ranked 21st) last week), 18. Pioneer (ranked 16th last week), 19. Lakers (ranked 19 in last week), 20. Nuggets ( Ranked 12th last week);

21. Pedesters (ranked 22), 22. Raptors (last week), 23. Grizzlies (ranking 21), 24. Kings (ranking last week), 25. Thunder (Ranked 24 last week);

26. Spurs (ranked 25 in last week), 27. 鹕 (ranked 29), 28. Pistons (last week), 29. Rankings (last week), 30. Magic (on Ranked 38th ranked 38th).