The number of tops taken naturally will be left early! Wild horses four years over 600 million in association renewed Sashon

Although the offensive efficiency of Denver’s wild horses downstream in the alliance, they seem to have confidence in their own external connections. After the 3-year contract renewed the external Tim-Patrick, they also made an agreement with the team’s top extension, and this team gave a large US $ 4.08 million. contract.

This contract included $ 34.9 million security, but it is still worth it in Saton. After the reimbursement of the torn torn season before the season, this season Sutton is strongly returned, 43 times, push 617 yards 2 times, including two single-single-game competition. At present, he leads the whole team in terms of the number of balls and the number of balls, which is undoubtedly the team’s number one.

In 2018, Satton was in the second round of the draft conference, and 42 shots were completed in the rookie season. 2019 is his career year, 72 battles to advance the 1112 yards 6 times Detaded data, it makes him first become a career bowl. Then the bad thing was a reimbursement of him only a game in the 2020 season.

According to statistics, Satton’s new contract annual salary is $ 1.52 million, ranked 16th in the NFL external connections, which is slightly higher than Brown, which is slightly higher than the ram number. . And $ 3.49 million security is ranked 14th in the external hand.

With the renewal of Satton and Patrick, the wild horses are basically stable in the next few years, because they also have young first rounds of jerje-Judi, and two talented young near-edge A – Fante and Albert – Oakbunham. So the problem is coming, they seem to just miss a good four defense.