The more old and more demon! Today, Paul created a crazy record and became the first person in NBA history.

Today, the NBA regular season, the sun and the Net have been known, the service is known as the weight, the first session of the sun leads 14 points, the secondary basket is for the upper wind, the third quarter, the sun is pressed, the end of the basket is crazy. It is good to lead too much in front of the sun, so it is finally in the 113-107 Lak basket. In terms of data, Paul’s 19 shot, three-pointers 8 shots 3, free throw 2 1 to get 22 points 8 rebounds 5 assists.

Paul played outstanding, the first quantity of Boke opened 7 points, and Paul will also serve it, and the two lead the sun early to establish a leading advantage. After passing, Paul also assists Entton Jumping. The second-day Paul offensive end began to force, as he cast three-point ball, the sun expanded https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comto 20 points, but then the basket net attack a wave 15-0, the sun is dangerous, and Paul began to rule the game. He took the three-pointer, then slammed the whistle, helping the sun to stand against the backfoil of the basket.

When I came to the third quarter, Ad serviced, the Nets gradually broke the difference, and I responded in Bark Lianzai. Paul’s same basket, after three rounds, Paul chased the middle vote, this festival Section, Paul singles Adud, three points, is because Paul has played excellent, so the third section of the Sun is still a big score. The key to the fourth quarter, Paul took a rest 5 minutes, returned to the Nets repeatedly launched a rebound, this time the sun’s life is decreased, but in the final stage Paul one penalty, helping the sun successfully defeated the Net.

The score is score, the organization is organized, Paul is 36 years old, but the more old, the more demon, can use different ways to lead the team. In addition, Paul has also created a crazy record today.

What record is it? According to NBA’s big data statistics, Paul became the first player of NBA history to get 20000 points + 5000 rebound +10000 assists data. In other words, Paul became the first person in NBA history.

The current momentum is very good. After defeating the basket network, he won 16 consecutive victories. It is only 1 game from the team history record. The sun will continue to chase the warrior. It is very honest. The next opponent is the warrior, and Two games, or will determine the home of the western part. Can Paul beat the library, we will wait and see, there is a little definitely, and these two games will
definitely look at it.