The helmet wind wave and the cowboy star run it into the first offensive group player by the new rule.

Dallas Denim Brigade Wijun-Smith because the wind wave of the helmet was fined yet, and he did not think that his teammate was also related to the helmet this week. In Sunday, the denim team ran to Kijazer – Elliott was throwing the yellow flag because of the lower helmet collision; and he became the first NFL new rule after this season. The offensive group player is punished.

At the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter, the fourth quarter was 11 minutes, Elliot dropped the helmet in a 12-yard rush, thus knocked down the Hawie’s safety sanitary – Glaham, The value of the value will throw the yellow flag, and the penalty of Elliot is penalized.

This year, NFL has changed in the change in the alliance rules. The weight is about the use of helmets; the new rule wrote: It is prohibited from lowing the helmet to collide with opponents. And the alliance officials said at the time, this rule applies to the players in all positions, and specifically pointed out that it will focus on the other side of the helmet with the helmet. However, in the 13th week, a total of 10 helmet is penalized, and the punishment is all from the defensive group or a special group.

The reason why the alliance has developed such a new regulations, in addition to protecting the collision players, more importantly, because they protect the health of the collision. According to their internal research, when the player puts the helmet and keeps the straight line (ie, the ball is down-running), the collision they suffer will increase the possibility of their head and neck injury. In fact, Elliot after being punished, cowbur’s team doctor immediately took the injury assessment, after the 5th attack, he returned to the field. In this regard, the new regulations are still necessary to protect the health of offensive players.

Of course, Elliot will not be tangled in this matter, and he should now be able to celebrate the game with teammates. The Cowboy is currently in a very advantageous location in Guodong District.

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