The first get out of class coach is out of the five-war, and the red leap is stir-off.

October 8 (Wen / ESPN JOHN KEIM Compile / Love) In the fifth game, he did not accidentally distributed to the Patriot team after 7-33, and the Washington Red Leather Team coach Jay-Grobe (JAY)It is also a problem that I don’t think about the handsome position in the interview.

However, after 14 hours, he became “predecessor”.In the US schedule, the Red Leather team announced that they cut the 6 years of 6 years.

The team owner Daniel Snyder and General Manager Bruce Allen, I met Groad at the first time, and announced this news.

In the team’s statement said: “Before the 2019 season, five games, the team’s performance apparently did not meet expectations, we have a responsibility to this team on the road ahead, we will do our best to. a whole attitude to reverse the situation and build a team worthy of their proud of our Redskins fans and supporters in the game after the season and in. “

A source revealed to ESPN well-known reporter Adam – Xie Fute said Redskins assistant coach and offensive line coach Bill – Callaghan (Bill Callahan) will serve as interim coach post.

According to other news sources revealed that the Redskins owner Snyder has been the team’s future candidate for coach made a plan, the current Steelers coach Mike – Tomlin (Mike Tomlin), current and former Bucs defensive coordinator jets coach Todd – Bowles (Todd Bowles) and the current chiefs offensive coordinator Eric – Bean Niemi (Eric Bieniemy) are potential candidates for coach of the team’s future.

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan

In fact, before the game, Gruden is facing tremendous pressure, with this loss, they are now five games are negative; with the Dolphins, Jets and Bengals also failed to get a win.

In the last week before losing to the Giants, rumors about Gruden may not be maintained in the dump is already rampant, and intensified. And there is no face to lose to the Patriots became overwhelmed by his last straw.

Last season, the Redskins case of nine games 6-3 stay ahead of the former suffered injuries tide.

Main quarterback Alex – Smith (Alex Smith) season-ending broken leg, after Ivory – McCoy (Colt McCoy) is also reimbursed the season injured in the game, and then later they tried two starters four point guard, and even this year already retired Mark – Sanchez, but these people can only help the team get a victory in seven games behind.

Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy

The final team to a 7-9 record ended, and they believe that this is caused because of injury problems, as long as players stay healthy, they will still have a competitive edge in the NL East.

So, they gave Gruden chance. However, Gruden messed up it was, 0 wins and 5 losses, ugly scene, let everyone see the hope of winning, which is now the Redskins.

Compared with other 6 Snyder coach after taking over in 1999, Gruden’s coaching is the longest time; others did not get through a four-year, while Gruden in six years, at Redskins leaving 35 wins and 49 losses and 1 level record.

Originally at the end of the season, Gruden’s contract another year, he earned $ 5 million that would have next season. But now, he could not complete this year’s contract.

Gruden became the fifth coach Snyder dismissal, joined Ivanov – Turner (Norv Turner), Marty – Shutenghaimo (Marty Schottenheimer), Jim – Zorn (Jim Zorn) and Mike – Shaner Han (Mike Shanahan) ranks.

Ironically, in the Sinai Virtue is not a coach wins a coach is more than 50%, although they had to get three times the National League East titles, including 2015, Gruden do; but they it is 8 times to get the partition of the fourth, seventh to get sector in the third, but they have lost at least nine seasons 10 games during this period.

Redskins currently no shortage of talent, they are expected to have a high pick in the NBA Draft next year on, they now have seven defensive starters set the age of 25; April this year, 15 of them in the first round of the NBA Draft Dwyane overall pick quarterback – Haskins (Dwayne Haskins), he was a quarterback has room to grow.

Terry took out – McLaughlin (Terry McLaurin) has become one of the outer core of the team this season to take over. However, this does not cover the many problems they attack group.

Terry McLaurin

Terry McLaurin

Haskins need to experience that there are many places, McCoy and new signing quarterback Keith – Jina Mu (Case Keenum) each have their own problems; not stable enough quarterback, running back shape is not enough clear, focused team rely on running back Darius Germany – Gass (Derrius Guice) opener strained a medial ligament

The main tight end Jordan – Reed (Jordan Reed) concussion can not play, Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams – Williams (Trent Williams) but also because the treatment of injuries dispute trouble strikes. Well, they defend set it? Three consecutive games was filling up 30 points or more, they seem to have no way these players full of talent kneaded together.

In 2014, when Jay – Gruden has served as the Bengals offensive coordinator for three years, he will attack the deployment of the Bengals good, and let Andy – Dalton (Andy Dalton) to be an excellent four Shooting guard.

After he came to the Redskins, is not without good quarterback had brought out, such as Kirk – Cousins ??(Kirk Cousins); however, after Cousins ??turned to the Vikings, he aimed at the Alex – Smith.

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins

Sources pointed out that the boss Haskins Snyder very much hope to quickly win, to save the team between distress; but ever since Gruden took a fancy to the child when the child is no draft, the new season is to help a variety of vertical cross block , do its utmost to let him play. But Snyder said that this is not the main reason Gruden’s dismissal.

Well, in any case, six years can be a long or a short time; for Jay – For Gruden, the word is that he struggled a true portrayal of the Redskins coach career. Perhaps, now had to leave is the best relief for him.