The enemy meets each other red steel people general, not afraid of the opponent

Cincinnati Paul-Brown Stadium’s player channel and the tiger dressing room, there is a huge LCD TV on both sides. Last Sunday afternoon, after a few minutes of defeating Miami dolphins, the TV is playing Brown and Crow, and there were many players walked through the channel, stop looking at the game, followed by the head coach Ma Wen – Lewis urged They hurry.

The good start of this season allows the players to have more ideas. If you want to get the Means champion, the players are very concerned about the status of other opponents in the same area. “Go, guys, don’t stop, we are the most important, take care of yourself ok!” Compared with the crow and Brown, the Pittsburgh steel talent facing this week is the enemy of the Tiger team, and the steel man The fists who have a tiger player have a lot of fists in their hands.

I don’t know when I started, the steel tiger is very violent, and even the air is filled with bloody smell. If the coach is bold, I can spray a basket of trash in front of the two military. In the first confrontation of the two teams last season, the tiger line Wei Vents – Bakett fell to the ground with a donkey action feet flying steel man running Weve Roosevelt – Knicks, after the game, the two players plus Universal foul (unnecessary collision + personal illegal foul) as above 19 times.

Baked is a missed player. His competition is very rude, and countless steelman players have docked under their hands. After the end of this season, Bakevite returned to the stadium to face the steel person, and it is very excited. If the biggest enemy of Bevikte is Levian – Bell or Antonio – Brown, I am afraid I am Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schustel.

Although Zhu Zhu did not enter the league time, he had a contradiction between him and Baked to almost unmodium. Last year, the battle of Steel Tiger, Cincinnati floated with heavy rain, Levian – Bell hooted the Bellevut in the ground, waiting for the latter to see the Bell, immediately got up, to create friction, As soon as I couldn’t reach Bell, Belch, and Bakevi was fined 15 yards with a quilt. The fourth quarter has ended, and the steel man offensive, Belwood, and seeing Bakedt also had to come to make a hug. At this time, I saw Zhu Zhu and killed Bell. The Bakevite’s helmet took advantage of a force, and the sound of “”, Bakedte sent a miserable call, and the sound was fly.

After completing the impact, Zhu Zhu still did not still rely, a cross-cross is on Belikte, and I don’t know what to smash, but I must be these words I am angry with Bird. He immediately hug Zhu Zhu. The legs seem to continue to be entangled with it, but the mind that is hit is unable to let him carry the next step, and finally have to be pulled away by a small trailer. After that, Birkent was injured again and announced the reimbursement season, and the break was punished for 4 cases of anti-drug policy. If Zhu Zhu, it will never be injured with his physical condition. It will not take prescription drugs after being injured.

This thing is always a knot in the heart of Bakelet. It is to describe his feelings. Big Dark Loss, plus this year’s team’s record, Buffet, perhaps, is brewing a revenge plan. The two teams will launch the first dowre of the 2018 season on this Sunday. Zhu Zhu said that he is not worried about the Tiger player and Bellevate will retaliate.

Zhu Zhu said that he is more concerned about the results of this game: “I just care about the game, I will focus on playing, fight with my teammates, take the victory back to Pitzburg. As for someone for me This thing, I think they should be very interested in me, but I am very good, I will get a lot of support. “

Steelman war tigers, for the two teams aimed at the playoffs, the two teams of En-grievances have made this season? We will wait and see.