The Chinese team won the ninth track of the Sleigh World Cup Group Relay competition, the challenge of the challenge

One year ago, the tan Yinghui, or the football player, now stands on the times of india current news international competition of the snowman, can drive the snow-like snowmobile in the speed of more than 100 kilometers in the speed of more than 100 kilometers. . A few days ago, the Chinese team sent 6 groups of 6 groups to participate in three small competitions. This is the first time the Chinese team participated in the World Cup, of which women’s double car combination should be clear / Tan Yinghui I got the 8th in the world’s top masters, which is the best grade of the first China World Cup.

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In May 2018, Tan Yinghui joined the snowman national training team through cross-border across items, although all team members of the snow team came to an item, but joined the snowman from the football project, she is the first one. . After joining the snow team, Tan Yinghui began a special summer training for snow cars. The summer training stage mainly focused on power physical training and land cart training. The just turning Tan Yinghui is the same as many new players. Let yourself adapt to the rhythm of snow trains as soon as possible. She said: “Snow cars have similar strength and speed, but there is no special training for power, speed. I just started my starting technology, raising leg movements were unfamiliar, and trained for a while Feel much better.”

Tan Yinghui worked hard in the training to let the leader and coach look at the eyes. Hu Jie, the Snowman National Training Team, gave Tan Yinghui’s full affirmation. Foreign teachers also developed training training programs for Tan Yinghui, let Tan Yinghui as a helmsman and Two positions in the cart jointly developed.

In October last year, the second snowman national tournament was held in Calgary, Canada. This is Tan Yinghui to participate in the formal competition. She just joined the snowfoot team. She only had to clear, Lu Chunyang partner, and won the women’s double car. Sliding competition champion. In the next international competition, the performance of Tan Yinghui is not expensive. At the beginning of the season, the North American Cup Park City Station, she got the third place with the teammates, the first time to stand on the international competition, and later in the snowman The World Youth Championships U23 Level Game has been sent to the quarterly army in the Qing Dynasty. This season, Tan Yinghui, can be said to be a harvest.

After the end of the world, the 22-year birthday of Tan Yinghui was coincident. At the time of the coming of the Spring Festival, Tan Yinghui and teammates who have been trained abroad have lived their birthday. The teammates sent Tan Yinghui to the birthday blessings. Although there was only one ordinary cake, she made her feel the warmth neet 2021 latest news postponedof the family, and the excellent results made in Shiqing Tournament were undoubtedly Tan Yinghui to give their best birthday. gift. At present, Tan Yinghui is fully preparing for the upcoming World Championships, let your first snowman season can be perfect.

(Ziyuan China Ice and IBSF)

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