Super Bowl Star Close: Assembly, the "fresh blood" Mitchell

It is also 5 days from the super bowl. Today we continue to launch a superb bowl special issue, as a superb bowl of war guidelines, the two team stars you want to know here.

In 2018, the New England Patriot Since 2006, since the first time in the election conference in the draft conference, from the University of Georgia Sony-Michel Michel, the body is strong, and there is excellent ability.Detained calculation, why is Pyrillary known by the cockle, why take a running guard in the first round, because Michelle’s talent makes Bilgek can’t find any reasons.

Michelle did not like football because he hit the most “boring” position on the court – offensive front line. “When I was 7 years old, I and my brother, a fight, a fight. My number is 70, he is 71. This is not strange, then we count the big head, coach I don’t know how strong us. Then we have selected the local all-star in the offensive front line. I mean the beginning of the story. “

But the problem is that Michelle really hates football, an 8-year-old child is the happiest time every day, take off the equipment to go home to see the cat and mouse. Parents believe that children have just been in touch with the psychology, maybe in the days, Michelle can also love football like his brother. It turns out that parents are right.

One day, the coach made Michel and the team’s running guards to return the speed than the speed. As a result, Michelle ran and walked him. At that time, the coach turned to Michelle’s Dad said a word: “This The child can run away. “The next day, Michelle finally bid farewell to the boring offensive front line, changed the running guard, never changed again. I would like to thank the trainer to make a savvy decision. In the first year of the league this year, Michelle handed over the data of 931 yards. Entering the playoffs, Mitchell got 242 yards and 5 rendered array, becoming a patriotic attack.

But when I said that Michelle fell in love with rugby, he said that he first got university scholarship, transformed into a running guard, completed the first time, since then in this movement. “The season of the eighth grade was some accident. At that time, we went out to play the game. I finished my score. I found that I deeply fell in love with the feeling. I am very excited, I can help the team directly score! “

Entering universities, Michel is more interested in playing skills, interested in football. However, even at that time, Michelle had a more important thing, which was more happy than a success in the football court. Michel’s parents are Haiti, parents in the first child, but the Misshar’s sister Lamis is immigrated to the United States. However, this film is full of opportunities, and it is the land of “gold” and does not let this poverty family go out. Every day, three meals are Michel and the biggest enemy until he discovered his talent in the football court.

At the high school, Michelle has become a hero of the Groata plantation in the hometown, and because of the success of Michelle, the school helped his parents to arrange a high school door and chef. These work have been until the meter. Graduated by University, parents are still doing. “At that time, I realized that rugby is not a game, it can help me, eat full of stood for my family, this is a chance.”

For my brother sister, for my parents, in order to eat full of stomats, Michelle began to use football as their own life. Gradually, Michelle understood a truth, as he became more and more successful in the court, his talent was unlimited, and rugby can help him get a college degree. So, enter NFL to become his dream, rugby changed Michelle’s life, Michelle changed his destiny.

High school graduation, facing a major choice for life, Michel wants to decide where to continue to receive education and continue the football career. Many schools have committed him, in front of the temptation and speculation, Michelle chose Georgia University.

“Coach B-Mac (Brun McRenden) has a great influence on me, I trust him, he trust me. When I first saw him, he said straight to me, all the process we all Very honest, very comfortable. He said that he would not promise anything, this is a difficult decision, one is one of the most difficult decisions in my life, but I think my choice is correct, until today I think so. “

Brian McRennden did not dare to give Michelle any promise, because the university of Georgia’s elite is also like the Yellow River. Todd Galley, pressed Nick-Chasing 5 games, this is not bad. The existence of investigations, remove injuries 2015 half a season, let Mitchell will only be able to debut as the team’s second run. However, it is a happy thing that two running guards can give full play to their own characteristics help the team.

In the 2016 season, Michelle scored 152 times just 840 yards. In the 2017 season, the progress of the University of Georgia offensive sharp lines, Michelle 156 sho got 1227 yards, cutting down 16 records. He and the investigation of the Ergonored Erlentead of Run Gairia to the stage of the National University Rugby Finals. In the face of the ultimate Great Devil, the University of Alabama, the University of Alabama, and even surpassing the investigated, 14 shots got 98 yards. Subsequently, Michelle announced its participation in the draft.

In the 2018 Election Conference, the patriots were unexpectedly taken away in the first round of 31 shines. It is better to know that the patrigrant is more good at cultivating the team, Michelle added Dion-Lewis left the blank left after Titan, although the team’s running guards appeared, but Michelle is still a patriotism this season The number one running guard. In the fourth week, I was defeated in the game of Miami dolphins, and Michelle got 112 yards, and became the first single scene of the first single game since 2012 Branden Borden.

Entering the playoffs, Michelle is more unpacking. First, in the face of Los Angeles Lightning, Michel 24 sho pushes 129 yards, mad 3 remedy to help patriot blood wash lightning. The United States Union finalized the Chief of Kansas City, Michelle got 113 yards and two times, became the attacker of the patriot attack.

Here, we are famous, and the peak is the peak. Michel has just entered the alliance that people have a strong shock, like Los Angeles Lightning and Kansas City chiefs all planted on this teenager. What is the height of the future Michel will reach, can you get a ram of ram in the super bowl, can become the first-class runoff of the entire League’s most famous, which will also make us expect.