Star interchanged East House? US media reports Knicks to change Wall, urgent disease, do not make a lot of money, rockets

On December 1st, Beijing time, in recent days, Xibdou talked about Kenvak, he said that the team could not use three small guards, so Kensabock will fall out of the wheel exchange, the facts prove, today, today During the Nicks and Nets game, Walker did not appear in the rotation, which is a bit unexpected, the past all star players, how did the 31-year-old Walker be called?

This season, Walker, can take 11.7 points 2.6 rebound 3.1 assists 1.1 steal data, shooting 42.9%, three-point hit rate 41.3%, his shooting rate and three-hit aortic rate is more than the past two seasons High, that is, Walker score is due to less ball rights, he still can contribute to the team, but maybe he can’ t adapt to the Siberu defense system, abandoned it, this season is now all winning this season Among the half of the team, Walker positive negative value was first.

For Kenvak, you must be unfamiliar, he is not a player who is good at defensive, and he also needs to have a ball to play strength, and the Rating period Knick won him in order to enhance the team attack, after all The race of the season, the pain of the Eagle, there is no energet attack, but because the team’s record is not ideal, the solution is not engaged, and the US media also passed the news they intend to send Walker. .

According to US reporter A Sherrod Blake, a number of sources believe that Nicks is intended to send Kenvak, but Walker’s trading value is not high, and according to a news with Knick’s relationship, the rocket may be Become a secrete trading rocket of the Knicks, the former is eager to send John Wall. See what this do you want to say? Let me talk about my opinion: Knicks urgently sick, the rocket may make great profit.

First, Wall’s defense is really better than Walker, but his competitive status is not more than Walker, and Wal’s contract is 40 million. The Walker Hall is signed a 2-year 17.9 million contract, and Walker is now in the performance, To be honest, he is also a value of this contract, and Walker’s player is good at him really loves basketball, and sex, he is really a rocket, I think he can accept the role of the substitute.

John Wall thought, he and the rocket failed to return, but must give me the first, the rocket directly refused, because the team wants him to stand alive. If Walker can accept this position, it is not bad for him. On the one hand, it is not so fierce. Walker can better prove herself. In the second aspect, he can teach young players to get the team’s trust. The key is If the rocket is reached, then their junk contract will take his hand.

Confused Niks really wants to make this transaction, it is estimated that they will also flatten the rocket contract, who will take it on? This dares to determine, but their big probability will be the first round of the rocket, I think it is also earned to him 1-2 protected first round, which is also earned. It is necessary to collapse, the team still has no attack, the salary space is also nervous, https://www.maillotbasket6.comthe more you don’t have the room.

Say this, what do you want to say about this potential transaction? Welcome to the message discussion.