Stan Lee passed away NFL stars to remember those super hero motivated players to fight blood

Beijing time on November 13th morning, the American comic world veteran character, the Yewei shadow CEO, the issuer, is known as “the father of Mount”, because the pneumonia suddenly passed, and the year was 95 years old. It can be said that Stan-Lee created the American comic universe. This partner, editorial, and publisher created a landmark role including Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Police, Singular Dr., Black Leopard and American Captain.

A few days ago, I just launched the Movie “Poison”, which is still in an exciting mood. Although Tom Hadi, Tom Hadi in the film, it is indeed a remnant that let the audience have retransmitted to the past hero concept. But “Stan-Lee’s father will not come out?” If this is, this is the topic that everyone has been hot at the time of watching movies.

The old man did not let us down, he has been insisting on guests in the Milky movie. This time is like it is like “poisons” as usual. Although it is only less than ten second short lens, Stan-Lee The old man took a dog and Tom Hadi played the Eddie dialogue, and it was indeed a happy time. The audience is commented. “The body of the old man is really good, it seems to be strong.” Stan-Lee’s appearance makes the fans more assured to his body.

However, as if fate is taught, it has changed all in the morning of November 13, 2018, and the old man suddenly left us completely. As a nine years of mawa, this news is not believed in any of the mawen powder, but with the official confirmation of the US media, Stan-Lee predecessors did left us, leaving the universe.

Nfl Remember Stinton – Lee Marter

The steel man runs the guards in the offset period, who once saved in the rest of the battle, although the Batman affiliated to the cartoon character of DC, but Bell is indeed a unclatible comic fan. Mourning is not unfamiliar. He is in the first time of Know Stri – Lee, and the first time they died.

Philadelphia Eagle Sound Bremen Bryan Daokin is the “Weapon X (X Weapon Program)” in the early years, meaning the super weapon, a code that often appears in the Movie Dowen Wolver. Stan-Li’s comics given the name of Daokins, and he is very sad to the death of his father: “Stan-Lee’s father, we have never planned, but my life is engraved with your mark, thank you I have been bless I, the superheroes of the sky, the superheroes of the sky, incentives, I am fighting blood on the ground, so I no longer escape the world outside. “

At the end of this tweet, Daokins also released a picture. This picture is the 2012 team, please come to the X-Bian Police Royal Painter George – Morina painted a “Diamond Wolf” poster with Daokins 20. This painting is when Daokins is retired, the Eagle is gave to him at home Lincoln Financial Stadium.

Stan-Lee’s father’s death is really very sudden, just a few months ago, the bank account of the old blonde has suddenly found less than 1.3 million US dollars, and the old man talked about the police and the police talked for more than 2 hours. Following a few weeks later, the dog is lost near the Hollywood Mountain, and finally, in the front NFL player Jim – Brown home, Brown personally gave the old master.

Mourner’s father

The comics of the United States in the United States in the 1940s were influenced by the patriotic cultural, almost all of the premium superhero, such as DC comics Batman and Superman. At the 1950s, the American comics industry was challenged. The society was unhappy, and a large number of comic companies closed, and the company was struggling. At this time, Stan-Li Lingi started to write a different superhero.

In 1961, because of the birth of each other’s superhero “magical four”, then the high school students “Spider-Man”, the “Spider-Man”, “Iron Man”, etc. “Iron Man”, and the elevated super The hero was born from him.

At this time, Stan-Li made a decision with an amazing business mind – launched the Winar Universe. In this parallel universe, Iron Man, American Captain and Green Giants are members of the Avengers, they will meet other heroes such as Raythe, anthers, let alone the X-war police who gathered a variety of mysterious roles. His existence has driven the rise of Mount, but also with major IP sweeping the film and television industry, gets the status of the DC comics flat.

Stan-Lee Sports World

Stan – Li Ji loves sports, is a baseball fan, and has also traced the New York Yangquan team into the comics. When the film, the US captain woke up and the bed of the bed is being placed. competition. Cornerns like to find inspiration from sports, then join in the work, the same US sports also like to find inspiration from the superhero of Mount.

As early as 1970, NFL’s posters quish the Mourning elements, such as November 11, 1970, Cleveland Brown’s regular season poster of Cincinnati, the Brown team, to make the players in his team than the superhero. In addition to the superheroes like Spider-Man, Thunder, American Captain and the Black Panther, I can find only 1 US dollar at the time.

In the same year, an NFL magazine issued, the editors will compare the players of NFL and the superhero, whether it is a movement or a body type.

In the 1980.90, NFL players also appeared in the NFL official magazine with the background of NFL.

In modern times, with the development and progress of the times, various P-graph technology make pictures more and more realistic. In addition to the media still Zijin Lao likes to take some players with the superhero to make a contrast (here you can add a small series of previous connections.), I also like to join a variety of Marble elements in the game, such as will The helmet is designed into a style.

King of passenger strings, egg final seal

Every time I see Stan-Lee, the fans are sincerely admire him, how powerful thinking this old man creates such a fun and looks at the universe? Every time Stan-Lee is in the movie in Mount, Movie, it is also a cute to the extreme, and the laughter is even more eye-catching.

He is the true king of the Well, is fascinating between the shuttle spatial and space, with the actor of the guests to get “the most historic box office actor” in the United States. According to the incomplete statistics of netizens, Stan-Lee has pasted at least 40 martial arts and TV dramas, how to find Stan Li, and become the largest egg when the Movie is watching movies.

In the movie “Poison”, the songs of the eggs have warned Hadi to do not give up the championship, the old man, the audience can’t help but feel the emotion: this is a good family who wears everything. At this time, the poisonous liquid was filmed on the dog’s dog: “This dog looks very delicious”, when Xiaobian did not know that the second day, the father will suddenly pass the bad news, and now what is precious.

Stan-Lee has drawn a section of his story. Finally, he can be a long hero dream.

Goodbye, the father of the west.

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