Sports Picture: Liverpool Sports Director may join RB Leipzig in January

Live Bar November 3, the German Media “Sports Picture” news said that Michael Edward of Liverpool, Edward, is seeking new challenges, and he may join new ss video RB Leipzig in January next year.

Edwards played a key role in the important reference of Liverpool, Sarah, which said that Leipzig CEO CETZLAF and him know the transfer of Caica in 2018. This opportunity made two people appreciate each other.

After this Sharklo Minshaws, the position of Leipzig Sports Director has been vacant. It was originally expected that a candidate with red bull’s blood today’s today came to pick up this position, and invited Edwards to join a bold aaj ka news english mein measures for Mingzraf.

It is reported that Edwards also received an invitation in Real Madrid and Newcastle. In the interview with the official website of the club, Mingzraf said to the issue of the team sports director: “We have identified candidates for our club and philosophy.”

“Sports Picture” said that Mingzraf did not want to aaj ki aaj ki news make a comment on the specific candidates, but it can be determined: bengal looms india in Liverpool, in addition to completing the exception of exceptional transfer, Edwards is also responsible for expanding infrastructure and improving youth team. Work; he is looking for a new challenge, and he may have found it in Leipzig.