Space man closes the Cole Hao season 20 wins and multiple data crown alliance break the history record

September 30th (Wen / ESPN / Barni Luoy) Houston Spaceman uses a victory to the 2019 season MLB Great League, and the space of the super pitcher Gritco Cole GERRIT Cole) The journey of the regular season is ended with a perfect record.

On September 30, Beijing time, MLB regular game last game, Houston Space Man 8-5 defeated Los Angeles angel. This bureau, Cole first depends on the board 5 bureau, sending 10, three vibrations, only 1 point, 1 point, 2 times, remove the individual this season, the 20th winning capital, create a new high career.

In addition to winning the victory, the Cole has smashed 326 three oscillators, the top of the Crown of League; the ratio of Cole reached 2.50, and the name of the United States. For the perfect play of yourself throughout the season, Cole is very modest, he said it is completely the result of the team’s efforts to get.

“The perfect team works, the team’s attack is impeccable, the crowds are more unparalleled, and the boys are quite robust. When they need teammates, they can always come forward. In fact, I have never considered these numbers and Record, I just want to become stronger, I have reached this goal. “Cole said.

This season, Cole Pocket 213.1 bureau threw 326 Zhen Zhen, this is also from the legendary pitcher, Randy Johnson, in 2002, the Arizona Sail Snake Same Season 334 times, MLB Grand League in the past 17 years old single seasons .

In addition, Cole can be three times more than 10 times in the past, which has also set up the historical high of the MLB Great League. What is more worth mentioning is that this season Cole has not been filled with 9 branches in any game. He also became the first single season from the history, but still won the 300K pitcher. In the fifth game, Kole Senang resolved Kaleb Cowart after the angel team, he excitedly took the jocket, and the teammates in the seating area used warm applause to Cole. .

After defeating the Los Angeles Angel, Gritco has remained 20 wins and 5 defeats, and the record of its own winning streak to 16. Obviously, Gritco seems to be surpassing teammates Justin Verlander, becoming the most powerful competitors of this season. In addition to the number of winners, “Tiger King” Wrand (21 wins), Cole’s three-ivifier and self-sharing rates are all in the United States of America partition, just a little bit to become the three crowns of the United States.

Under the efforts of Cole, Houston Spaceman finally took the best record of the big alliance – 107 wins and 55 losses, plunging the home advantage in the entire playoffs. Tremelve the Jojama season, the total coach of the spaceman AJ-Chesi said: “For all the reasons, the closing battle is actually a very difficult game, because our hearts are In the expectation of the playoffs. This game is very important to Cole, the whole team gives him a lot of support, I am full of 5 bureaus, because we want him to win more three vibration, win the 20th Field win. “

Interestingly, the strong pitcher of the space man not only lets this team become the team of the MLB Great League (1671 Senuctive), the space people excellent strikes only eat 1166 times in 162 games, The rate is the lowest alliance.

This game, the performance of the spaceman’s line is like the epitome of the entire regular season. “George Springer” is knocking out 4 security today and won 3 points. In the second game of the competition, he quickly slammed the Chinese and foreign country homes; before this, Diaz (Aledmys Diaz) had already slammed a spring gun, the whole game, Diaz a total Out of 3 security, feel hot. In addition, Yuli Gurriel added a bomb to space people in the third game, and a two-point gun in the left field directly laid the foundation for the Space.

On October 4, Beijing time, the spaceman will launch the journey of the playoffs. At that time, the team will meet the winners between Tanpawan’s rays and the Auckland sports at home. If the space is going to keep in this state, the next playoffs may lose the suspense early.