Space Man 4-1 defeated the nationals to pull back a city Brantley Oti Viwei two-degree connection team wins

On October 26th, Beijing time, the Great League 2019 World Competition continued the third peak match, and the seed Houston Spaceman came on the Washington National Team. The final space team took the pressure, defeated the nationals with a score of 4-1, and wanders into 1-2.

[Data Highlight]

Houston Space Team: Otti 2 is playing, running back to two points. Brandeli 2 is playing, 2 points. Chrinos 2 is playing (including 1 hair spring gun), 1 tap, run back to 1 point.

Washington National Team: Kabrera, Sodo, Eaton two security. Zim Munman 1 is playing, running back to the only 1 point. Roblet is 1 play, 1 point.


In the middle of the 1st game, Springer’s first stick knocked out to play, but then the two teammates were killed, Spring and still hit the second base, but Bregman was three vibrations, space People have no opportunities. The second half of the 1st game, I knocked out two bases after I was out of the game, but I then rushed to the earth, and the national team did not return.

In the upper half of the 2 game, Corea hit the second base to beat, Redick hit the length of time, helping Corea to score, and the spaceman 1-0 leads. Subsequently, Chrinos and Granki once helped space people to form a situation in two or three bases, but Springer rushed to the earth, and the spaceman did not expand the score. The second half, Kabrera and Zimmerman have hit the play, forming a two-legged, but Suzuki is subsequently by Sanzhen, Robrez hits the double kill, the national team did not point.

In the upper half of the 3 game, Otti strikes the ball to let the national team have a mistake, and Otui goes to the third base. Subsequently Brantley hit the 奥 图 维 垒 垒, the space team will then next City, 2-0. However, the Spaceman still solved three hunchers of space people. In the second half of the 3 game, Grande was knocked out of the play, and also sent two guarantees to form a crisis. At the critical moment, Grande Sanzhen Kabrera, eventually ended the crisis.

In the upper half of the 4 game, Sanchez made the spaceman beat three strokes and sent two three vibrations. The second half of the 4 games, Zim Munman was submitted, and then Robrez sent a three-base play to help Zimmens hit the base, the national team recovered 1 point, 1-2.

5 bureau, Otti strikes the second base to beat, then Brantley knocked out to help the Otti to score, the space people 3-1 lead. Subsequently, Blanteley was sent to the second base by Gurier, but Corea rushed to the earth, the spaceman did not continue to expand the score. 5 bureaus, Eaton knocks out, then Grande made Lunden and Sodon, but Kabrera sent a deep second base to beat, forming two or three bases. Some people. The spaceman chooses to put the first pitcher Granzi, today he mainly invests 4.2, send 6K, throws 1 point, ERA1.93. But then the cowshed pitcher on the game, James Zhen Zhen Zi Munman, ending this half.

In the middle of the 6 games, Chrinos slammed a spring gun, and the space continued to expand the leading advantage, 4-1. Subsequent Sanchez saved Tak, the national team chose to replace Sanchez, today he mainly investment 5.1, sent 4K, lost 4 points, ERA6.75. Then, the National Team sent two guarantees, one degree faced, but Bregman then knocked on the earth and stop the space of the space. The second half of the 6 games, Pala was sent out after Sanzhen, and the spaceman also sent two guarantees, but the spaceman reunited in time, and finally solved Turner and Eaton.

The 7th game, the two sides are not good, and they are all tried to three in the opponent.

In the middle of the 8 game, Springer was knocked out after two out of the game, but Otti was rolled out of the game, and the spaceman did not create the opportunity. In the second half of the 8 game, KFRK 1 was sent out of the game, but the two teammates did not create opportunities because of the three vibrations and rolls.

In the upper half of the 9 bureau, the National Team took the Space Strong Team on three, did not continue to dig. The second half of the 9 bureau, the spaceman sent Otus to close, although Ion was tapped out, but with the Sodo was three vibration, the final space division 4-1 defeated the nationals, and rewrite the big score to 1-2.

[Two sides starting]

Houston Space Team:

1. George – Springs Chinese and foreign wilders

2. Jose – Otti two base

3. Michael Brandhei left outer wilder

4. Alex Bregman

5. Euli-Guriel

6. Carlos – Corea guerrilla

7. Josh-Redkend right wilder

8. Robinson – Chrinos catcher

9. Zach-Granji first pitcher

Washington National Team:

Tre-Terna guerrilla

2. Adam – Eaton right wilder

3. Anthony – Lunden 3rd

4. Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

5. Astu Bar – Kabrera 2cher

6. Ryan Zimmerman

7. Suzuki Catcher

8. Victor – Robury Chinese and foreign wilder

9. Annebar – Sanchez first pitcher

[Next prospect]

The two sides will continue to conduct the fourth game of the National Competition at home, this game is critical to both parties. The National Team will win the game, which will greatly increase the chance of winning the world contest. If the space will win, it will pull the big score, and the huge damage to the national team of morale.

Space people have not yet announced the first year of tomorrow, but they should let Core came to first, and Cole has been resting for 4 days, although the first game did not win the victory, but Cole undoubtedly It is the best first year of the Space team in the playoffs this year. For space people who have just turned back to a game, I want to win the chasing, and Kori will take out two rounds of two rounds before the season.

In terms of the national team, tomorrow’s first hair is Corbin. He lasts the first year of arrest, the main investment 5.0, sent 12K, using a ball number 94, status is still good. Corbin was played in the first place in the World Competition, and I vote for 1.0 bureaus and used 21 goals. Space people have started recovery today. Tomorrow’s national team wants to get a match, and Corbin’s play is crucial.