Sodo three points, Tie Zel, get the winner of the victory, 5-4, win the first battle of the series

On October 23, Beijing time, the first battle of the 2019 US duty wander League World Competition, the National Federation Champion Washington, the national scene challenges the United States champion Houston Space. The national team has a 4-point anti-Chao ratio, and the winning party, the national 5-4 thrills defeat space people, the series 1-0 leads.

Data highlight

The National Team first made a pitcher Max-Xie Zer’s 5 games lost 2 points and sent 7 times. Dulittle 1.1 bureau rescue success. Juan – Sodo 3 security hits 3 points. Adam – Eaton 2 avatar 1 points.

The spaceman first pitched Grit-Cole 7 bureau lost 5 points to send 6 times three vital swallowed. George – Springer and Yeri – Guirier each played 2 支 安 2 points.

Game process

In the first bureau, Tre Trener played an actions and stolen the second base. Adam Eaton strikes the formation of a small flying ball, then the two players were all in the first half of the three.

In the second half of the first place, George – Springer and Jose – Otti went through the four bad guarantees and the first base, the two out of the bureau, Yuri-Guriel’s two-gamement Runners, space people 2-0 lead. Max – Xie Zer Sanzhen Carlos – Coreya, three remembers got three outsourcing.

In the middle of the second game, Ryan Zimmerman slammed the Yangchun cannon after two out of the game, and the national recovery one point, 2-1. In the second half of the second bureau, Jorsan – Alvarez is selected to keep the upper base.

In the middle of the third game, Eaton went out and played out. The third bureau, Michael Brantley is hitting the base, and Guriel two out of the game, playing Brantley to send Brantley, but Coreya once again forms a third number. The three games ended, and the spaceman 2-1 leading the country.

In the fourth place, Hu An-Sodo homed out the Yangchun cannon, the national 2-2 equalized the score. In the second half of the fourth place, Alvarez played an actions, Springer’s guarantee sent him the second base, but Oti’s rolls ended the offensive of this Council.

In the fifth game, Suzukiqing and Victor-Robleto have passed the four-bad guaranteed and hitting the base, and Ion will be returned to one point after an out of the game, and the national 3-2 rebellion. Anthony – Lennden played a wilder to choose, the two runners of the Sodo, 5-2. In the second half of the fifth, Xie Zer sent three three.

In the upper half of the sixth game, As derbal-Kabrera played an actions, but Zimmerman immediately played a double kill, Cole completed the alternative three. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Patrick Colibin replaced the first pitcher Max-Xie Zer, only played a place with Alvarez. The six games ended, and the national 5-2 leading space people.

The seventh place is over, Gritco is sent out three. In the second half of the seventh place, Tanner-Riven replaced the Colbin. Springer stoveded in Yangchun, 5-3. Brandley, Alex Bregman continuously selected to keep up, the National Party Terminator Daniel Hudson. After the two out of the game, Corea played an actions to form a full base, but Alvarez was out of the bureau, and the space man left a striker.

In the first half of the eighth game, Will Harris replaced the Lower Cole, and Soto played a hit and stolen the second base. In the second half of the eighth game, Kyle Tak, who came to play, played out, Springer’s second base to play him back home score, 5-4. Shawn Du Lit took the third number of this Council, and the competition entered the ninth game.

In the first half of the ninth game, Joe-Smith sent three three. In the second half of the ninth bureau, Du Lit was sent out three times and closed the door. The Final National 5-4 defeated the spaceman and won the first victory.

Both sides

Washington National:

First stick: Tre-Terna guerrilla

Second Bar: Adam – Eaton Right Field Hand

Third 棒: Anthony – Lunden Tablets

Fourth stick: Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

The fifth rod: Haoyi – KFRK designated blow

Sixth stick: Asdrus Barbar – Kabrera 2cher

Seventh: Rui’an Hi Merman

Eighth rod: Suzukiqing catcher

Ninth Bat: Victor – Robleto Chinese and Foreign Hand

First Pointer: Max – Xie Zer

Houston Space:

First stick: George – Sprulin Chinese and foreign wilder

The second stick: Jose – Otti two base

Third 棒: Michael Brandhei left outer wilder

Fourth good: Alex Bregman’s three base

The fifth rod: Yuri-Guriel

Sixth: Carlos – Corea guerrilla

Seventh: Jorsan – Alvarez designated blow

Eighth rod: Martin – Maldona Catcher

Ninth Bat: Josh-Redkend Right

First Pointer: Gritco Cole

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will carry out the second game of the series, from Stephen Strus (18 wins and 6 losses, 3.32, 251 times of self-sharing) against Jastein-Wand (21 wins 6 negative, self-blade rate 2.58, 300 times a three-vibrating).

Strusberg This playoffs only 1.64, and 33 three vibrations were only selected by the opponent 1 time. Among the first players at least five playoffs, he said 1.10’s career ranoffs in the history of the self-sharing ranking history, only two celebrities Pitcher better: 0.95 Sandy-Kovas (Sandy Koufax and 1.06 Christty Mathewson.

Willand has encountered some states in the playoffs, and the two of the two ace levels, but also swallowed two failure, the self-blame rate is as high as 3.70. Two years ago, I entered the World Competition with space people two years ago. Willands faced all of the QD teams.