Soccer analysis takes a few more precautions

Today, let’s talk about several issues that should be paid in the process today in of walking.

1. Don’t blindly append.

If you enter a small ball, please feel patiently watch the full field event, don’t look at the big ball in the middle, quickly make your big ball, which will let your attitude collapse. And you have entered the big ball, seeing you have not going to go, then quickly replenish the ball, the finals of the goals in the last ten minutes have also counted, believe in their first feeling, don’t smaller.

2. Don’t move on it.

I am optimistic about a game, choose a match, get on the right time, go news we only need to wait for the results you need, keep a calm mentality, whether you enter a big ball or a small ball, the event to the last minute, we In order to determine the result, enter the big ball more inconsistent in the middle, because the last lore high profit should not be too comfortable.

3. Don’t excessively believe in the rules.

There are some friends who have heard 334 and 757 rules in the ground size. 334 refers to 3 balls in the first half of the year, then there will be a fourth ball. 757 refers to the audience in 75 minutes to enter 6 balls, and the whole event will have a ball. I don’t know if my friends have truly encountered such events. How many data support has been encountered, and how much data support is not known. These rules are verified. I have seen many years, I can meet such a competition, and I can only times of india tv say that the appearance of 334 and 757 is because the team is playing more, and the attack is mainly The strength is strong. Instead of trustting, it is better to believe in data statistical analysis before large data, and the retribution of real-time data analysis in the game.

WorldLiveball Big Data Analysis Collection and Collection of Various Events, the confrontation battle before the competition, analyzed the strength of the team strength and weak predicting the accuracy rate of 80, the past tactical characteristics, dd 1 live today etc. The game of breaking the egg rate, monitoring the microscopic data of the platform in each game in real time, you can understand every way of walking the ground, thus making the right analysis match.