Small market world! How does the light sportsman play with MLB traditional giants?

(ESPN Senior Writers David Schoenfield) Some Iron Orgors of the Grand League becomes the wage order into behavioral art. If you feel 105 games (Malin fish team), lose 108 games (Jinjian team) or lose Drop 114 (Tiger Team) can be called art. However, because the market is limited to the Giants team Yangji, the red socks and Dodge, the big hand putting money, Tampa Bay, and the Auckland sports team, it will use every pencil on the blade.

Small money to do something big event

Tampa Bay ram team further carried forward on the basis of 90 wins in the 2018 season, this season has achieved 96 wins this season, and returned to the season after the 2013 season. Although this is just a card battle, I will go home, win, I have to meet the enemy Houston Space team. However, the United Union’s external card war will undoubtedly be the coronation of the small market team.

At the opening of the ceremony, the total salary of the radiance is only $ 69 million, and the total alliance is 26th, and less than the 2018 season. In other words, the new season, the radiance spent less money, and the 90 wins were raised to 96 wins. However, this season’s radiance did signed the most expensive players of the team. The salary sign of the Auckland Sports Family team is $ 96.8 million, ranking 21 in the large union. Among the 11th teams in the bottom of the Great Pieza salary, only the rays and sports homes exceeded 50%.

This, the rays and sports teams must have a fine calculation, and the management of the two teams maintains amazing stability. The Sports Family team began to operate the team from the 1997 season, and his two hand David-Foster is also a long-term assistant. The two management of the rays Eric Ni Andr and Hayam Broom also promoted from the inside of the team.

Compared with this season’s tiger team, golden team, Marlin, and other low salary teams, the records of radians and sports teams never in the foundation, although 2015 and 2016 sports team do lose 94 and 93 games, however, during more than 20 years of Hudu, the sports team only took 3 times in the top 10 in the new show, after the rise of the rays in 2008, the radiance has only once. The rookie draft is within the top 10.

Ten wonderful players layout

The following rows are the top ten important players layout, which is a key factor that makes the two sides can last.

On June 6, 2014, the sportsist signed the Matt Chapman in the first round of the 25th time.

Sports Family team Billy Bien has always favored college players, but before 2014, they have a 4-year first round of rookies. In 2014, in 2014, the sports team returned to the basic principles and selected college students. Chapman. Chapman ranked 7th place in 2018, in 2019, the 36 strokes were hit and have excellent, and the victory contribution of 6.7 was obtained. In the first round of 2014, only Alon Nora’s victory contribution is greater than Chapman, and the other new show is far from two people.

On December 10, 2014, the sports team used Jeff Samasiya from the White Six Sox.

Billy Bien In the 2014 season for the playoffs, with Endison-Russere, I changed into Jeff Samaiya, but fostered in the outer card to the
royal team. Ximeien did not serve as a guerrilla in the White Sox, but the sports team believes he can do it, and he is also very popular in the small alliance. Time can prove the correctness of the choice, Simin’s last half of the season can be described in terrible, but he eventually becomes a middle-level guerrilla and may win the gold glove of this season. Simin’s victory contribution value is 8.1, in Metal, secondly in Mike, Truite and Alex – Blesman.

The package in Samasia is also included in Chris Bzi and Josh-Fergley, which has increased the victory contribution of 2.1.

On January 12, 2017, the rays used Dru-Smeli to change Len Yabo (including Mleux-Smith) from the Seattle Sailor Team.

In this trading, Smeli is the protagonist, Jabo is like a charge. However, https://www.mlbboutique2.comYabo’s performance in two seasons in the Great League is 27-12, the self-blade rate is 4.02, although we all know that the winning spent does not mean, but 27-12 is still good 12-27. Yabo is strictly in strict sense, it is not a first firing, but can eat the number, and it is more like a piece of universal brick that needs to move. Add points, Yabar is the buddhism, the bodies of the flour, from the small fans.

On November 21, 2017, the sports team used Brandon-Beiler from the space team to Raun-Laureno

Lloyn is an amazing discovery of the Space People’s team scout. In 2014, 16 new show, in 2016, in the small union performance, but in 2017, the hits were only. 227. Sports teams have decisive people before he have been cut off and turned him into a small alliance pitcher. Lauren won the big alliance in August 2018 and made a contribution to the sports team. Lloyro hit the three surroundings. 288 / .340 / .521 and 24 strokes, arm is amazing. Bailey exchanged to the space team is still in the small alliance.

On December 8, 2017, the sports team signed the free player Yusmero Petit

Think about those famous trunks and terminations, how to get down the altar, like the Branden Moro and Kreg – Kim Breil, Rocky Wade Davis, Jack – McKunki and Len-Xiao, Meilis, Metris Farm, the cheapest is Moro’s 2-year $ 21 million contract, but he only cast 30.2 bureaus for two years.

Petit is only 10 million US dollars in 2 years, but the 154 games have been cast in these two years, and 80 games will be played this season. Since Bien knows that you can’t afford expensity, it is committed to cultivating excellent cowshed.

On August 1, 2018, the rays were exchanged from the Pirates of Chris Archer from the Pirates. Mito and Taylor

Everyone is looking forward to the light of the light of Archer, and the light is not willing, but finally makes the right choice at the correct point of time, not only getting off the burden of Archer, but also replaced a few do not be attached to the pirate team. The favorite number one seed. These two people come to the light.

On December 22, 2018, the rays signed the free player Charlie – Morton

Morton’s 2-year $ 30 million contract is a small dish for a small dish for the Giants Eastern Zone Red Socks, but in the history of the rays, this is the second largest free player contract. The $ 15 million annual salary is a large number in the salary of the rays. However, each of Morton is very worthwhile, 16-6, self-sharing rate 3.05, 194.2 bureau sent 240 three vibrations, reaching the best level of career.

On December 22, 2018, the rays were replaced from the sports team to Emilio – Pan

Pambard’s 4.05 self-sharing rate in the sports team is not eye-catching in the team’s cowshed team, and the rays also have a very large cowshed team, but Based on the light-based pitcher strategy, cowshed is not too much. Pan finally became the terminator of the team, 4-2, and self-blade 2.31 and 20 successful rescue.

On February 12, 2019, the sports team signed the free player Bret Anderson

Anderson has been injured in the past, so few teams are interested, but he first sent 17 games in the 2018 season, it can be said that it is the second day after the 2010 season. The annual salary of the 2019 season is only 1.76 bureaus, first in 31 games, second only to Füls, the seasonal record is 13-9, and the self-sharing rate is 3.89.

On May 11, 2019, the rays bought Tel Akord from Dodge.

The progress of the season is always twists and turns, and the radiance is originally wanted to use Zunano as a first arrest. De Arnold is for the metropolis team, but his season is very unsatisfactory. The radians urgently needed a substitute after the Zunano injury, so they bought Demnod with 100,000 US dollars.

De Arnold hits three rounds in the 92 game. 263 / .323 / .459 and 16 strokes, but he hits three surroundings when someone is getting a circle, for .320 / .368 / .590, so he Get 62 points of points.

Ray and sports team in recent years

Ray wages single list

Total year top salary player

201969 million US dollars 26 Morton 15 million US dollars

201878 million US dollars 28 Ramos 10.5 million US dollars

201770 million US dollars 28 Londoria 13 million US dollars

2016641 million US dollars 29 Londoria 12.1 million US dollars

201574.8 million US dollars 28 Dolly, 11.5 million US dollars

Sports team payroll

Total year top salary player

20199.8 million US dollars 21 Davis 16.5 million US dollars

201868.5 million US dollars 30 Davis 10.5 million US dollars

201770.6 million US dollars 27 Metron 7.5 million US dollars

201685.8 million US dollars 26 Cleps 11 million US dollars

201580.8 million US dollars 27 Kezmel 13 million US dollars