Secret MLB World Competition Trick: North America is unique, not named

Red stocking boss Brown won the World Competition Champion Trick

Red stocking boss Brown won the World Competition Champion Trick

On October 28th, the Los Angeles night, as Machado’s waves fell, and the red socks have finally held MLB’s champion trophy – the association cup throughout the year. Steve Pierce, a Based on the Red Socks, was selected as the most valuable player in the World Competition, and the boss of the Red Sox was also a world-famous life winner.

The world contest trophy is unique and not named

As the highest honor of MLB, the Association Cup was issued until 1967, but until 1985 its name was officially determined. Unlike other North American Sports Union, the MLB champion trophy did not name the name. Even from the 1903 Modern World Competition began in 1967, MLB officials did not have a trophy to win the winning champion.

The original trophy of the MLB World Contest is Dapuri Cup, which is a Broad Hungantong actor at the time, and is also a New York Giants’ celebrity guerrilla. John Wald in 1887. In 1887-1893, the official trophy of the winner of the World Contest. Due to the 1893 Boston Binner team (Atlanta Warriors, the Atlanta Warriors) won the trophy for three consecutive years, the trophy was formally collected by Boston.

At that time, Pittsburgh Pirates’ Chairman William-Temple launched an alternative-Temple Cup as a new world contest trophy. Baltimony gold waquet has worked three consecutive world contests and incorporates the Temple Cup. After that, MLB’s Men’s United States and the National Union have split, and the World Contest is therefore suspended. Until 1903 After the resumption of the host, no one is willing to sponsor the trophy of this event. So the MLB trophy is just called the Association Cup.

The association cup is 61 cm high and a diameter is 28 cm. It weighs 14 kg, all silver plated. The top of the trophy has 30 pure gold created flags, symbolizing the 30 teams of MLB. Coincidentally, the hometown of this trophy is the new England Massachusetts, and now it is followed by Boston’s red socks again and returned to his hometown.

World Competition MVP trophy this year, I just changed new appearance

The World Contest MVP was set up in 1955, and was named Wailley Metz. The appearance of the trophy in the 2017 World Contest has become a glass of Glass of Weli Metz from a glass sculpture.

Wailley Mes is the legend of MLB, and the career is 24 times. There are 12 gold gloves. The stunt of his back is now called the myth that the Chinese and foreign wilder cannot surpass. Therefore, the MVP trophy has adopted his classic ball this year.

The World Contest MVP award has been awarded to pitcher. Only 3 times in history, I only took 3 times, the first twice, 1969, New York Yangji Ter, Kleidon and 1979 Pittsburgh Pirate Team Virley – Stavar. Last year’s MVP was obtained by Springer, and the reddock team was “old” David – Ortitz.

Red stocking owner is the real winner to operate red socks buy the Yingchao Haimen Liverpool

After the reddock team won the championship, many people found the reddock team boss who won the World Competition trophy, John Henry is also the boss of the British Super House Liverpool. In fact, Henry is relying on the successful family of the Red Sox to buy Liverpool.

In 2002, John Henry took over the red sock team, and after the year, he could build a team according to the “heresy” magic theoretism at the time and let the red socks get rid of the Babbius magic in 2004. The first world after 1918. Contest champion. After that, the red stockings teamed two days in 2007 and 13 years.

The huge commercial value of Red Socks, let Henry have embarked on the peak of life, and the Fenwei consortium he created acquired the Boston Global News and New England Sports Media, and acquired the Profic Liverpool team. Nowadays, the Fenwei Terminal has become a giant crocodile in the New England, and the market value of the Red Socks is only the third place in the Yangji and the Dodiographic MLB.