Saints beat the Vikings 30-20 forfeit Vikings add record level

Beijing time at 8:20 on October 29 morning, the Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints. This is the first time this season the two teams played against, but not this year’s first fight. In the National League semi-finals this year, January 14, the Vikings used outside the “Minneapolis Miracle” will resist the Saints League of Nations finals. The two teams meet can be described as fiery, ultimately Saints revenge to 30:20 victory over the Vikings.


Saints quarterback Drew – Brisbane seven weeks in the first game came 14 touchdowns, but no one steals this record in the third quarter when the game 3 minutes left by Vikings team number one security guard Harrison – Smith to the end, Harrison – Bruce Smith steals directly ready to wide receiver Michael – Thomas passing.

Although the game Vikings wide receiver Adam – Theron in the first half there was a off the ball, but today he scored 103 yards, eight consecutive games to win the ball a few yards of more than 100 yards, last win over the ball a few yards outside the 100 yards in eight consecutive regular season games outside or take over the Detroit Lions took over the legendary “Megatron” Calvin – Johnson. Now former unsuccessful pick – Adam Theron shared this record with him, and have the opportunity to continue this record when fate against the Lions.

The history of the two teams played against a total of 33 times, the Vikings to 22 wins, 11 losses ahead of the Saints. And the last two games against the Vikings all won.

Wonderful review

Saints took revenge mentality once again came to Minneapolis, the first attack on without the slightest mercy. Not to mention they are sitting on passing yardage king in the history of NFL, Drew – Brisbane. Their wide receiver Michael – Thomas scored several times the number of large size, but also rely on the defense team foul Vikings came to the opponent’s red zone. Running back Alvin – Drew Camara received in the first section 10 minutes left – short biography of Brisbane scored touchdowns, 7: 0. Vikings offensive for the first time also gave the Saints responded quickly. Saints went through the second line of defense who is none other than last season staged “Minneapolis miracle” wide receiver von Manchester – Diggs. He first 31 yards with a quarterback Kirk – Cousins ??connection to lead the Vikings came one yard before the Saints end zone. Then Vikings 3 files conversion all fail, but also Manchester Feng – Diggs in 4th gear when the ball hit the strong success in the battle zone, helping the team to tie the score in the first 4 minutes left, 7: 7.

Section Vikings persistent efforts, their wide receiver Gemini, Manchester Feng – Diggs and Adam – Theron won successive number of large size. Finally, beginning in the second quarter after three minutes, running back 拉塔维厄斯 – Murray flew defender, the ball diving extend into the end zone, again scored a touchdown, but kicker Dan – Pele kick but lost an additional fee, 13: 7. Saints in the next round attack, hot pursuit score with a free-kick, 13:10. Elite quarterback Drew – Brisbane seven weeks in the first game came 14 touchdowns, but no one steals. But the record of the game three minutes left in the third quarter is the number one security guard of the Vikings Harrison – Smith to the end, Harrison – Smith directly steals ready to wide receiver Michael – pass Thomas . But before halftime, the Vikings played extremely well this season, wide receiver Adam – Theron actually in the red zone Saints off the ball, and directly Saints cornerback Xiaoen – Lattimer back to attack the Vikings in the red zone. Saints did not spare the natural Vikings sent this gift, running back Alvin – Camara got touchdowns at halftime with 30 seconds left, go-ahead score, 17:13.

Apparently the first half of the last off the ball too hurt the morale of the Vikings, and the second half Vikings first offensive play strong 4-speed has not been successful. The strong play failed also to let the Saints kicker Will 8 minutes left in the third quarter – Primorac hit a free kick, 20:13. The outside of the first half to take over Adam – Theron mistakes also infect their quarterback Kirk – Kirk Cousins. He steals at half long pass directly Saints cornerback P.J Williams. Williams completed steals and direct return touchdowns, to expand the lead 6 minutes left in the third quarter of the time, 27: 13.

In the fourth quarter after the Saints began to kick five minutes but the score widened to 3 ball, 30: 13, almost killed the game. Vikings chasing points in time takes too long, the three behind the ball when they took 5 minutes to 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter of the time, the wide receiver Adam – Theron scored touchdowns 30: 20. And this score also maintained to the end of the game.

Player data

Vikings quarterback Kirk – Kirk Cousins ??41 pass 31, 259 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 steals. Running back 拉塔维厄斯 – Murray run the ball 13, 56 yards, 1 touchdowns. Von West took over – Diggs 10 catches, 119 yards, 1 touchdowns.

Saints quarterback Drew – Brisbane 23 pass 18, 120 yards, 1 touchdowns, 1 steals. Running back Mark – Ingram ran the ball 13 times, 63 yards. Wide receiver Michael – Thomas, 5 catches for 81 yards.


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