Saint-Hand takes 10,000 US Games Race to challenge high school short run children to fight

Telf-Gold is in the “Lefkoe Show” program broadcast on Thursday and talks about this topic with the host Adam Leffco.He believes that he is still the fastest player, and he is willing to compete with anyone who is willing to pay 10,000 gold bets.In 2007, he ran out 40 yards of 4.37 seconds in the rookie surveillance, and it was reported that his score in Ohio State University was 4.28 seconds.Even if he has been 30 years old, he can create 22.44 miles / hr in the game in the game, and it is enough to see how horrible is.Although the ancient German Temps of the Hill and 49 people in the show may pose a threat to him, he still has a strong confidence.