Rockets 15 games end! Explosive, winning the bull, the second victory, House 18 + 4, the list is injured

The NBA regular season continues to start, the Rockets are sitting at the main scene of the Town, in the past, before the game, the Rockets 1 won the 16th loss column column countdown first, and have encountered 15 joints, the team is extremely bad, completely see Hope. In the face of the strong opponents in the field, the Rockets look only one step away from 16 losers, but after the start of this game, the team in the attack and defense is new, Jaylin’s first appearance is unfortunately early. After retreating, other teammates came forward, the team played a real team battle, and finally burst into the bull, ended the 15-game streak record, and also ushered in the second victory in the new season.

This game, the smallborite injury returned to the start, Salas sent a small Porter, Jaylin Gord, Gordon, Tit and Wood’s four small lineups, after the opening of Jaylin Green, he The first quarter of 5 shots 4 contribute 11 points 2 rebounds 1 assists, but unfortunately 1 more minutes left, Jaylin is hurt in the contest, and quits the game in advance. Since then, the Rockets did not fall into downturn because of Green’s retaining, but the more ghouted, the team had a lot of challenges to the opponent.

At the end of the first quarter, the Rockets were 2 points behind 30-32, the two sects, the two sides were still pulled in the knot, and the bull was at the end of the half, and the proportion of anti-super 64-55 is 9 points. It seems that the rocket began to fall into the past. Difficulties in segmentation. But it is impressible that the third section is on the game, the rocket actually marched the opponent on the two ends of the attack, the single section of the 35-18 offensive, directly reversed the desert, three sessions, actually Leading 90-82. At the end of the game, the Bull team launched against the rocket, but the Rocket did not pull again, but in response to the offensive end, although they did not have a big outbreak, but more flowering teams played, but let the bull anti-fight . At the last moment, the Bulls have been stunned with strength, once the score of 101-102, but then the next basket of Gordon helped the Rocket to steady the situation, then Wood’s penalties 2 times a penalty is also stable, Rocket 106-101 lead It is temporarily loose.

For the last 2 minutes, Raven flying on the basket, but House raised a key 3 points, Ravi Wenzheng 3 points, Ball steals, the basket, but the Rocket Matthews use a basket Continue to help the rocket stability advantage, after this, the bulls are notified, the rocket eventually win the bull with 118-113, refuses 16 losers.

In terms of data, Ravin 28 points 2 rebounds 4 assists, Durzan 19 shot only 17 points 5 rebounds 7 assists,
Wu Chiwei 14 points 13 rebounds 4 assists, Ball 19 points 5 rebounds 5 assists, substitute Carru contributed 15 points 4 rebounds.

Rockets, Jaylin 11 points 2 rebounds 1 assists in advance injury, Wood 16 points 10 rebounds 6 assists, Gordon 10 points 2 assists, small-port returned, showing excellent, contributing 17 points 6 rebounds 9 assists, substitute Shenjing 13 points 4 rebounds, Matthew 12 points 5 rebounds, House 18 points 4 rebounds 2 to help the critical 3 points in the hand, the last 2 times, the ball is still helping the Rockets to lock the victory, which can be said to have a big work.

It can be said that this winning ball is far-reaching, although the team has no record of record, but 15 joint defeat let their morale fall to the bottom, the media has passed the Salas handsome unstable news. This victory is like a long time, at least, at least let the rocket have a bigger hope.