Reversal of danger! Bill 21 + 9 Pop, the last sergeant, Tak broke Badler 29 + 5, the basket

Beijing time on November 21st, the hot scene challenged the special talent. At the end of the game, the Wizards successfully defeated the Heat at 103-100. In the last game, the two teams met the Wizards, and eventually lost the game, so when the two teams were handed over again, the Wizards did undoubtedly wanted to win the game. In this game, the Wizards also played very tough. After all, the Heat has achieved great leading advantages in this game, but it is very fast to approach and see the hope of reversal. Section IV, the Wizards even completed reversal and got leading. Finally, the hot fire can not catch up with the score, and it is reversed by the wonders, lost the game.

In the first quarter, Wizui is a leader, but it will follow the best score. The first section ends, the wonders are excellent, leading 1 point. The second quarter team is very intense, the score is very tight. After that, Pop is three points to help the singles. Thereafter, Butler fined the ball to split blood, while the strange offensive status began to decline. At the end of the game, Badler performance was excellent. After he led the team to overtake, the hot fire leads two points.

In the third quarter, Badler and Adebad led the team to continue its lead. After three points
in Lorus, the Heat leads 10 points. After that, the Wizards’ defensive appeared. Tuck continues to hit two three points, and the Heat leads 16 points. After seeing the wonders behind, the Wizards were picked up with the help of Harrell et al. At the last moment, the Bill punish the ball score, the three sections ended, 4 points behind the waters. In the fourth quarter, Hollerid helped the team to recall. At the critical moment, Hiro’s alien is bloody. The next game, the two teams fight each other, and the hot fire is still 6 points. Later, when the Heat continued to expand the leading advantage, the Pop team won 3-1. After the stop, Ding Wansi and Pop broke out three points in such cases, the wonders were highly superficial. At a critical moment, Abba is approximately two free throws, and Kuzma stabilizes free throws to help the admiration leader. Finally, Badler is not in the middle, so that the wonders are dangerous.