Returning to home makes Gilmore feel comfortable "War old people will maintain normal heart"

Stephen Gilmore has completed the first show last week, and it is also the first show after returning to his hometown. After the fourth quarter was suspended, he copied Matt-Lan to the new show nearly the end of the edge Kyle Pitz, helping the team to lock the victory, and ended the four losses.

Last month, the Black Panther has got Gilmore with a six-round sign, helping him to achieve the dream of hometown team. He is the first batch of fans of the Black Leopard, and the super bowl is given to the patriot. He is only 13 years old. He can say a lot of black panther’s death.

In this week, Gilmo is definitely the biggest look at the old land. As a two-year professional bowl player, two years ago, the best defensive player, only changed to a six-round sign, definitely a bit not too.

After the end of the last week, Gilmoor also said that he had more motivation in the face of the old people, but he said in the week, and the patriot’s competition is ready to have no way.

Gilmoor came in the Charlotte area that caused a small sensation. His mother Linda has listened to the employee of two grocery stores to discuss their son. “I heard their discussion, I realized what my son’s return means.”

Born in Lockheill, the city of Rugby, Gilmoor is the first Lock Hill in the panther. This city in the southwestern of Charlotte has passed more than 50 NFL players for NFL since 1950, which did not have a ball for hometown team.

Gilmoor won the high school champion in 2008. At that time, the school had two days later NFL’s first round show. In addition to Gilmore, there are two years later, Jianjadvie – Crawni. Now his high school alma mater is he once teammate De Fengter Holoman, and he firmly believes that Gilmore goes home at this stage of his career, there is no harm to himself.

For the reason for leaving the patriot, Gilmoor is simply summarized for the treatment of the team’s injury to his injury. At the same time, it is very satisfied with the treatment of the injury of his lower limbs.

Last week, Gilmo only hit a 17 yard in 53 files, most of them, he is to focus on the new show close-edge sharpel. The teenager had brought over 100 in two consecutive weeks, but he became a goal six times last week only completed twice, only 13 yards. The long-awaited war group can also take a wonderful performance, the second-line and front teammates of the opponent are full of Gilmo.

Go back to Charlotte, Gilmoor can make more energy in the family, and Mother Linda said that Gilmoor life is a family in addition to rugby. Now that Gilmore can combine both two, maybe his peak can continue more than more.