Reporter: "Shanghai Derby" is a brand of football in the country

  On November 3, the Football Association Cup semi-final “Shanghai Derby” first round, Shanghai Harbor Team will spend more, and finally the score of 5-1 will take the leader. rediff news today’s headlinesHarbor Foreign Aid Oscar staged “Assisted Si Si”, but then because of being punished, the reporter Chen Hua expressed his views on “Shanghai Derby” in personal Weibo.

  Chen Hua first said: “Oscar red card is a good thing, let the second round more suspense and see, Shanghai Beach is not just a Shanghai football, and a brand of football in the country. Before calculating, the average age of 27.04 years old Shenhua is the first round of the 31.45-year-old Chinese Football top news headlines Association Cup, the youthful storm is temporarily leading the old experience. Looking forward to a more exciting second round. ”

  Then he once again issued, and gave affirmation on the running ability of the Harbor team. The short board also makes up for the deficiencies of defending a one-on-one ability. If young players Liu Zhun is a bit started and abp majha election result live running, it is better to fight, the body is fighting, and the team will fight more well. ”

delhi aaj tak live hindi

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