Rams players to see Tencent reporter ecstatic elementary school had to celebrate Chinese New Year

Distance NFL2018 closed their season drama of war, prompting the 53rd Super Bowl only four days, Beijing January 31, we stayed in the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta’s Buckhead Marriott Hotel, had the honor to interview outside Los Angeles Rams took over cloth Landing – Cooks, which he represent different teams, he scored the second consecutive year, the Super Bowl. Through the exchange of brief interviews, we see a sharp Kukes court style, but has a very different field under the other side. We learned that this summer, Cooks will open his first trip to China trip, for the upcoming visit to the Far East, Rams wide receiver heart full of expectations.

Cooks ecstatic to see Tencent Reporter

Rams line of business in Atlanta, took over the Rams outside Blanding – Cooks saw a group of reporters in front of Tencent special correspondent, immediately bursting out with a smile. This is not the first time we met, two weeks ago, in the visitors’ locker room in New Orleans Super Dome’s, and it just won the National League championship, Super Bowl tickets Kukes had a brief meeting.

In that meeting, the Cooks Lotte cheerful personality, special correspondent to the left a particularly deep impression. Cooks especially when his wife told reporters waiting outside their own, so you can not talk while longer, he does not look throw you outside of “happy wife, happy life (wife happy, life can have a good time)” pun, tough guy makes this field a new light.

Although the last meeting time constraints, but still use the short time Kukes changing, and revealed his summer plans China trip to the reporter, and the Super Bowl and Chinese fans meet. This is a special correspondent to see the front, Cooks obviously remember our promise, and this time, he had time to accept our more in-depth interview to talk about his trip to China this summer program.

I have celebrated the New Year at the elementary school, like Chinese culture

About China trip, Cooks say: “Yes, there have been identified so far in Hong Kong and Shanghai, but I will parade in Asia, to Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, this will be a great journey.”

Cooks admits that she likes Chinese culture, it is the most attractive his place: “Hong Kong shopping malls fantastic, of course, including construction and urban living atmosphere, the most important thing is to experience a different culture, I love travel, my wife and I will be there and mentor Woods, Koop and their wives, to enjoy a different culture. “this is what Cooks reveal the secret, according to his implication, the purpose of his China trip not just have him, there are two other external good partner Cooper – Cooper and Robert – Woods.

Reporters asked Cooks is not a child read a lot of Chinese cinema, he smiled more happy, respect their own adore Chinese kung fu: “! Ah’re right maybe I have to go there to learn kung fu, ha ha ha!.” Super Bowl this year that coincides with Chinese New year, Kukes talked about the understanding of the Chinese New year: “I understand, in my elementary school when I have to celebrate the New year, dragon and lion dance with a lot of people right . “Then, Cooks brought his New Year wishes:” thank you for your support, have to look at the Super Bowl game Oh, happy New Year I’m looking forward to seeing you soon “!!

Continuous challenge two former club

Super Bowl to face the Patriots, Blanding – Cooks will play against former team. As the hot star outside the alliance took over in Kukes 2014 season was selected back in New Orleans Saints in the first round, starting from the second season, Cooks firmly secured the main has already got four consecutive one thousand yards last season . Although the time is not long into the league, then Kukes has played for three teams, the Saints, Patriots and Rams, interesting is just past the League of Nations finals, he had just returned to his first club in any new Orleans, the results to the Super Bowl, Kukes had to face his club’s second again.

Last season, the Patriots became the number one ball Kukes weapons throughout the season won the 1082 yards and seven touchdowns, helping the Patriots all the way into the medal Super Bowl. However, to the final stage, will be the first Kukes injury leave, can not continue to help the team, the Patriots finally firepower blocked, also missed the Super Bowl with him. Last spring, the Rams come from the hands of the Patriots trading Cooks, followed by its signed a five-year 81 million worth of fertilizer about, Cooks also reciprocated, played the entire season to get 1204 yards and five touchdowns for two consecutive years to help different teams reached the Super Bowl.

City bees from New Orleans to Boston city championship, and now and then to Los Angeles, City of Angels, Kukes his youth dedicated to the three cities, he could see the fate of this year’s schedule is still mixed feelings.


End of the interview, Kukes looks to us like a plus Pig doll, hugged pig refused to let go. Kukes told our reporter, so you get the Super Bowl, I’ll find you and put this Year of the Pig doll for you.

Since Cooks mentioned his trip, including Hong Kong China, we decided at the last gave a Kukes interview tips.

“We teach you a Cantonese” Hello, “you will use to get to China.”

“Ray Well,” Kukes wise once on the road, pronunciation is very standard, he again said, laughing again, we thank each other goodbye, ended the pleasant visit.