Police locks the use of laser pen to illuminate Braddy, if the crime will suffer a heavy penalty

The phenomenon of “laser eye eye” is still in the football stadium. Although it is facing the whirlpad of the vast fans, it is still a very radical fan chooses such a practice, and the incident often until the end because of the fact that the user is not Can’t. However, in the NFL bench, such a practice is prohibited, and a man in Kansas City has faced the highest one by the laser pen. Improve or a fine of up to $ 1,000.

According to the “Kansas City Star News”, the prosecutor did not specify the process and method of the police to determine the user of the laser; but they determined that the man named Dwick Morgan was illuminated by the laser pen. ” Culprit. ” The man is 64 years old from Missouri. There is currently no further news that the man’s attitude is attitude, if the crime is established, in addition to facing the above imprisonment or penalty punishment, it may be banned in the arrow stadium (home) by life.

A spokesperson of the Kansas City Police Bureau have expressed in January that the value of the police officer in the competition site did not submit any report of the laser aiming event. However, William Qiao, the KMBC Ninth Channel first shared a green spot video pointing to Braddy, and the police have further investigated, using the competition tape and witnesses to confirm the criminal.

At that time, the United States Union finally entered the intense section IV, with a video display, a green laser light shot Braddy; in Section 4, the same thing happened. The NFL official also conducted a survey for this, and they strictly prohibited fans from using laser pen or similar tools to illustrators. The reason is obvious, the laser pen irradiation can not only disperses the player’s attention, which affects the player’s game; more importantly, it may cause damage to the player’s eyes, regardless of the incident, such as Braddy’s large superstar, or Other role players, such a move directly affects the health of the player.

According to reports, the Emirates also attaches great importance to this matter, they ask for the highest penalty for the culprit used to use laser pen; although the final result is not released, at least, in the NFL bench, such a unmanned act Even the main team as a profit is also very no. This thing will give more fans to wake up, “rational support, civilized view” This statement is in all four seas, maybe you support a fanatic non-brain path of the team, will bring a game for yourself. Prison disaster.

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