Ples and Red Socks Push Interaction: The first time to win the MLB World Contest is still very excited

At the moment of the Red Socks won the 2018 Season World Contest Final Champion, David Price was excited from the replacement, and hugged the reddock team pitched on the court at the time. Lis Sel.

This scene was photographed by the live shot, but for Ples, he could not be excessive. After all, this is the 33-year-old old career, the first time I won the World Competition.

The official tweet of the Boston Red Sox also said that Ples rushed out of the speed, and Ples founded the fastest record from the replacement to the pitcher Union. In this regard, Plesco also responded to the red sock team official push: “I am 75% to kiss Sel’s cheek, ears, and neck,
although this is very surprised, but they happen.”

In the 2018 season, Ples was elected as the American League ComeBack Player of the Year of the United States. In the past this season, Prab broke the media and fans on him, and staged a good performance in the regular season and the world contest.

Previously, Ples had clearly stated that it would not perform the player options in its contract, which means that Ples will be held in the Red Sox in the next season to fight for the defending world competition. Talking about staying in Red Socks, Ples also said: “This year we did (winning the World Competition), we will complete this Zhuang again next year.”

It is true that Plesce’s excellent performance in the defensive end helped the reddock team won in the World Competition. The wins of this team, can you contribute to the red stockings in the next season?