Play the ball on the basket! Five NBA active players bounced

The initial NBA game, because everyone is not enough, everyone is on the ground, there is a basket outside the penalty area, and the player who has entered the NBA with the player of the bomb jump, all kinds of flying buckles, lag The next basket is coming, representing the characters is Zhang Bolun and Juliesius
Owen. After decades of development, in today’s NBA, there are too many players that play a good player, this article is five bounce the best active players.

Fifth: Gordon

Gordon is not small, 2.03 meters, is a front line player, no behind the body, but Gordon’s body is wide, the muscle block is obvious, very powerful.

Gordon’s bounce is a name. In the peak of Raven, Gordon contributed a very exciting dunk at the last moment. He leaps the mascot, then the ball will be changed from one side under the legs. Another clover is complete, this dunk, both showed Gordon’s bouncing, and showed the core power of Gordon.

Fourth: Zion

Zion is 1.98 meters, weighs 129 kilograms, describes the body shape of Zion with a word, that is, the use of a utensil, describing the Si’an, that is, the cylinder, don’t look at Si’an, but I didn’t affect him.

Zi An is because he is very strong and flying, in the university, Zion playing very cruel, the big hat of the head is every day, come to NBA, Zi’an is still able to buckle, NBA this big master I didn’t block Si’an, and there was no one to jump than Zi’an.

Third: Vikins

Wingkins technology is not excellent, but his talent is good, especially bounce, close to all players can’t do anything, but for Vilins, it is a thing of the foot. Not hard at all.

At the beginning to NBA, Vilins is also to show their talents, contributing to many junks, but after deducting the opponent to the ground, Virkus converges a lot, and start picking up the insulation cup, playing Not so sharp, a lot of soft, the fans joked the play of Viveens to play for health.

Second: Lavin

Lavin let people know that in the 16-year buckle competition, with Gordon wars, at the last moment, Ravin use a penalty counter, conquer the judges, and conquered the audience, and took it down to deduct the king.

The Ravin’s bounce ability is very strong, and the lag of lag, the core power is very good. In the sense of view, the Lavin’s dunk is not born, but it is very flexible, light, look very comfortable, Lavin’s body Talents are really customized for dunks, and he is elected to the dunk king really.

First: Morant

Morant’s performance is more than people’s imagination. He is always very old, and the control of the game has exceeded many people, and his talent makes his upper limit.

Morant’s explosive power is very strong, so his breakthrough is very powerful, and Morant’s bouncing is also very strong. Last playoffs, Morant face Gobel, don’t want to find a chance, but to face it. Dressing him, eventually let Molant succeed, Molant’s bouncing can be said to be the best in NBA.