Pick up! Thunder half behind Grizzlies 36 points, first five tigers, summary, no one

On December 3, Beijing time, the Thunder scene challenged the Grizzlies. At the end of the half, the Thunder 36-72 is 36 points behind your opponent! This game interprets a truth to the fans, that is, a penny. This game, the Thunder first sent a five tiger all the bottom salary players, no https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com star players, even in the middle contract. Do you say, are they lost 36 points?

This game, the Thunder wounded, the leader Alexandrians https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com were in the brain. Girdy and Faworth infected flu, absent competition. Thunderbin is the union of weak journey, lacking these three owners will, and their combat power is rapidly decline is also normal.

In the face of the Grizzlies, the Thunder sent Dort, Bezley, Earl, Jerome and Treman’s starting lineup. In these 5 people, the defending Tre-bun is the highest, and the 304th place in the 290,000-row alliance. Jerome is $ 2.41 million, ranking 339th in the League. Earl Year salary 2 million, ranking 388th. Betzley year salary 2.51 million, ranking 334 bits. Dort’s lowest annual salary, only $ 1.78 million, ranking 427th place in the League.

Against Grizzlies, their heads stars Morrant although lack, but the starting lineup has a famous player such as Di Long, Xiajun Jackson, Adams. Among them, Adams’s annual salary is as https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com high as $ 17.70,000, and the sum of the annual salary of the five tigers is high. The gap between the two sides has been visible on the salary level. In the game, the Grizzlies also played the climax of 72-36 in half.

On the player, the Grizzlie’s Melton’s substitute got 17 points, Di Long 5 points, Xiao Jiaon 15 points, Jones 10 points. In terms of Thunder, Dalt got 10 points, Mann 8 points, Robs 7 points, Jerem 3 points. One penny, the Thunder is lost 36 points, which is the strength gap. Everyone is not necessary to laugh at Thunder.