Parkins: Wei Shao should dare to say to him in front of the old people, "Let me come"

Beijing During December 1st, the Lakers will fight the king today, and the commentator before the game commented on the view of Wei Shao.

He said: “Wei Shao has recently been playing better. But after I have seen the last time with the king, I realized that he should be more harder when he is in the scene of James, and dare to say to him: ‘Let me come. ‘Last time I played the king’s game, Wei Shao and strong eyebrows played a great double team, whether it is a poor or other.

But when James came up, the position of the position was that other people opened him, and the attack was completely stagnant.Wei Shao should be the same
as Long Du, it will dare to say to James when necessary: ‘Running, you are touched, let me do.””

(华 白)