On October 17th, Beijing time, the 2018 season, the United States, the United States, the United States, the finals, came to the Space People’s Meiji Source Stadium, the previous two series, the two sides took a winning, and the regular game was better. Socks have lost their home advantages.In the first half of this game, the two sides played more nervous and glue, and the red socks always maintained the weak leader of the score. After the competition came to the 8th game, the red socks played 5 points to score the proportion, and opened the difference between the two sides. Finally, we will win with an 8-2 ratio to ensure that this series will return to Fenwei Park.[Data Highlight]Dallas Kakor today performance is general, 5 bureaus is hitting 4 安 安 掉 2 points without any three oscillatingHouston Space:The space man is first played, it is the third king name of the team, Dallas Kakor, although Kakor this season has declined in the previous season, but after entering the playoffs, he is still that A jealous of the famous racing name. In the United Arab track of the Indians, Kakor is also playing in the third game, cast 5 games, only 2 points, and made a good contribution to the team. In this game, Kakor has passed the 5.0 bureau with 84 balls, and the 4 points were lost 2 points, but did not complete any three vibration, and the self-blame of the playoff came to 3.60.The spaceholds have adjusted the wiring, Jose – Altuvi has been assigned a strike, and the toolman Marvin-Gonzalez returns to the wild officer, Tony-Kemp Series first issued a game. Although the Space People’s team has 7 amp output, only 2 points and eat 8 three vibrations sent by the other’s pitcher group, and also interrupted that the team has been recorded in 14 rocking, and the score efficiency is not high.Boston Red Sox:The first firing of red socks was in Naison, Jabaldi, who had a ruling level in the Jianconia division of Yangji, who was in the home of the old man, but also lost 1 point, and WORD is sent to the main scene of the maximum score of the Yangji season. In addition, Joaldi is only facing 5 times of the space, and the record of 1 win 1 defeat, the self-sharing rate 3.19 is achieved.This area was voted for 6.0 bureaus, and he was smashed by 6 security. He sent 4 three vibrations, and he completed his own pitching mission, and obtained the second winning thrown in the playoff. In terms of offensive, the red socks also showed excellent performance, and the whole team played a total of 9 security, including 2-hastition hit, and finally defeat the opponent with a big score.[Competition process]JD-Martinene reproduces a comprehensive combat color, no difference attack helps red https://www.b2bshopp.com socks to pull1 game, the first two sticks of red socks, Bates and Andrew-Benneuti played back to the back, the second base, the third rod JD-Martinez also achieved a second base Serially connected, returned to Muqi-Bates and advance Benecadi to the three base. The red socks took the lead in breaking through the deadlock and got 1-0 leaders.After that, the red socks were unmanned and one, the three-finals were there, and the road to the guerrillas praised the Bogotz. He played the ball in the guerrilla to be blocked, but he also helped Benecondys ran back. Home, JD-Martinez also promoted to the third base. But unfortunately, the two players behind the red socks were caught out, did not continue to form offensive, and entered the next half of the lead in 2-0.1 second half, after a bureau, the space man’s Jose – Altuwi and Alex Bregman also played back to the back to https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the back, two bases, and with the two bureaus, with Malvin-Gonzalez Anwind attack is one person, and the space operates before the end of this Council.In the middle of the 2 game, the post-side of the back of the red sock was hit, and the progress of the game was obviously accelerated, and the half of the three games were over.The second half of the 2 game, the spaceman is also three three, no score.Tony Camp completed five-star difficulty, there is no doubt that this ball will be selected today five players.In the middle of the 3 games, after the two booches, the spaceman’s pitcher Dallas Kakor has a stable situation, and it is impossible to put the ball into a good shield. After that, the round to the leader Steve Pierce hit, and his far-reaching high-fly ball was killed by Tony Kemp in front of the left outer wild wall, and the spaceman got the third outlet. https://www.fanstore2.com


The second half of the 3rd game, hit the backward road to the open road of the space man, George – Springer, he played a hitting of a home. After a bureau, the best of the anti-hits of Alex Bregman selected to keep the base, making the team to come out and one, the second base has a situation, but the back two sticks did not complete the fight, The space man left two restrictions to enter the next game.

The first half of the 4 games, the first shots of red socks were played by Edward – Nounes, and then they were replaced by the generation of Raphael Defus. However, the three batters behind the red socks were grabbed out, and did not form a series offensive.

The second half of the 4 game, the spaceman quickly entered the next game with the score of 1-2.

5 games, the third round of the main line of red socks face Dallas Kakor, but the top three batteries were blocked by the ground, and the game quickly entered the next half.

5 bureaus After that, the ball of Alex Bregg was missed by the newly guarded the three bases, and the Base is played back, and Alt Tuvi ran back home base, space people equalize the score, with 2-2 End this half.

This year, Pierce, who turned off the red socks, repeatedly plays a key role. This spring cannon re-helped red and socks.

This year, Pierce, who turned off the red socks, repeatedly plays a key role. This spring cannon re-helped red and socks.

6 bureaus, space people replace the pitcher, and replace Kaikol on the game by Joe-Smith. After caught a ranking number, Steve Pierce, facing the fifth rod, Joe-Smith’s internal corner speed was caught by the other party, and the Yangchun home base of the left foreign country is hit, and there is 1 for red socks. point.

After that, Dres was selected from 8 balls in Tony Xipi, which was played with the new play, selected four bad guarantees. However, the two sticks behind the red socks were not formating help, and the red socks were again leading again before the end of this Council.

Jewwaldi is very patient today, and I ask the main referee asking a good ball with the main referee.

Jewwaldi is very patient today, and I ask the main referee asking a good ball with the main referee.

6 bureaus In addition to being huddled in Outlet, this Countries, Jane Waldi, continued to suppress the other three beats of the space person, and finally completed the pitching work on the spot with 92 goals.

The 7 bureau is in the upper half, the spaceman is bought by Len Prestley, and he gave the red stockpipe three on three, and the previous score entered the next half.

7 bureaus, red socks also choose to change their pitcher, from Len Bresale. After two bureaus of the space, Jose – Alt Tuvi played a hit, but the subsequent Bregman played the flat flipball to end this half.

8 games, the order of red socks, the nature of the center, and the space people sent the original Terminator Roberto-Ousina in advance. However, Ausuna, which has not been picked up, has sent a gift for red socks, and the union will lose 5 points, so that the opponent has completed a big score.

After a bureau, the red socks were first played by Zhanz Bocgatz, while Drescer was played out after two out of the game. After that, Ousina lost the ball feeling, and I launched the touch ball to keep the Broker-Holt and Mickey-Mora, and thus let the red socks are formed after forming the base. point.

JBJ Jiegi - Bradley played the fullness of the gun, I was replaced by Ousuna

JBJ Jiegi – Bradley played the fullness of the gun, I was replaced by Ousuna

Since then, Jieky-Bradley, which is ninth, ninth. After the second-point security of the second game of the series, Bradley once again served the team, he grabbed the fast ball in the upper edge of the outer corner of Ousina, and slammed the ball directly. On the field of field, the red socks have taken the leader of 8-2 before the end of this Council.

The second half of the 8 games, the red stockings were taken from Matt – Barnes, but he made the first batter Yerig-Gurier, but the three players of the spaceman were caught and ended.

In the upper half of the 9 bureau, the first shots of red socks were knocked out by Andrew Bene Tie Di, but the next JD-Martinez played a double kill, and after the praise – Bogotz also played The earth rolling the ball was caught out, and the reddings completed the offensive of this site and entered the last attack half of the space.

9 bureaus, slightly ventilated spaceman connected to Taylor White and Evan Gitz played, but they did not fight, and the Springer was also sent by the other. The person was sent three three on three in the last half, and the entire competition was over with 2-8.

[Two sides starting]

Houston Space:

First stick: Chinese and foreign wilder George – Spring

Second, specify the hike, Jose-Alto

Third Bottom: Three Squarie Alex – Bregman

The fourth great: a barrier Yeri-Guirier

The fifth rod: two bases Marvin-Gonzalez

Sixth: Right outside wilder, Yash-Redick

Seventh stick: guerrillas Carlos Corea

Eighth rod: Catcher Brian – McAn

Ninth, left outer wilder Tony-Kemp

Boston Red Sox:

First stick: right outside wilder Muqi-Bates

Second Bar: Left Outer Wilder Andrew – Bene Tau

Third Bottom: Specifies to combat JD-Martinez

Fourth, guerrilla comment, Bogotz

The fifth good: a barrier Steve Pierce

Sixth good: 3rd bases Edwards – Nounes

Seventh: Two bases Ian – Kingsler

Eighth rod: Catcher Christian – Watzkz

Ninth Bat: Chinese and Foreign Wild Hand Jieky – Bradley

[Next prospect]

Tomorrow will continue to carry out the fourth battle in Houston, the space people will be issued by Charlie-Morton, which will be the first appearance of Morton. Morton has faced red socks in the fourth battle of the United Jianfang division in the last season, and he cast a 4.1 bureau in the game. Finally, help the team to eliminate red socks into the next round.

In addition, this 35-year-old old will send a total of 30 games this season. The record is 15 wins and 3 defeats. The number of winners is the highest, but the number of defeat is the lowest, self-score rate. 3.13 is also the best results so far, it is the best performance period that is in the big alliance.

Red Socks will choose Rick Poselo to send a game, in the United Kingdom part of the United King, Polylo finally got the winning investment in his 13 playoffs, Posolo I vote for 5.0 bureaus once, I was hitting 4 security to lose 1 point, and the self-sharing rate is only 1.59. Polylo was also cast in the second game of this series of relay pitcher, to hold a leading advantage for the team and transferred the pitch to the end of the “scorpion king” Jinbreier, and finally successfully Make the team in front of Houston, so that red stockings continue to compete in this series.