Old eagle Cox is waiting for the general Wenz back: This is not the responsibility of the four-point guard

December 10 (Wen / ESPN Compilation / White – 嚯 小 2) Philadelphia Eagle has recently been a big turmoil in the four-point guard, it is not like in 2017-18 Saisik-Woll Sauncans – Wenz Enter a chapter as chapter in the playoffs. Instead, the team is now replacing four-point guard, which is quite controversial. I still remember the end of the 2019 season, Wenz ratio of the eagle won 4 consensus in the regular season, and took the last bus on the playoffs. However, Philadelphia did not use his best choice sign to help him, but added a four-point guardian-Hertz as an insurance.

On December 9, Beijing, the eagle announced that from the 14th week of the New Orleans, Hertz will replace Wenz as the first quarter-off. The head coach Duality-Peter is helpless, he needs to bring fresh blood to the team, improve the ability to attack, and will have a chance to kill the playoffs in the country of chaos. “The truth is true, I still can’t reach my request in the offense.” Peterson said in an interview on Tuesday: “I have been paying attention to the development of the situation, and I finally decided to find some new sparks in this week, let the ball Team has passed, so that everyone can play better. “

Although this, some of the eagle’s leader-level players support Wenz on Wednesday, and just yesterday, Hertz has just been served. Defensive Dragon Fletcher Cox insists that he is in the pilot move, before he sees a vote on the twice, the content is “Who do you support you Wenz and Hertz,”, Cox does not hesitate to choose the choice Photo of Wenz.

“Carson is my best friend,” Cox said: “He is my brother, from him to the first day of the team, I will support him. As for Jay, he is my good friend, So no matter who stood, I will support this decision, this is in the US Rugby League, we understand anything happening. But I still want to be busten, this is some unfair to him, because This is not his personal problem. It is 11 people playing the game. If this is the case, my essay is what I made, I support Carson. “

Sino-Cyrgyz-Kelps’s praise from Wenz, and said that he was confused by him withdrawn, and he didn’t know how to get it. “From the moment, as a rookie called to the team, he changed our attack, which is not just as a player. This is Carson, the wisdom he brought, he is present on the sports ability, Give the team to improve the competitiveness, and bring real changes in training and competition every day. So telling the truth, it is difficult to believe that we will go to this step, this is a lot of attacks that fail to fail. “

“I think that more is not good every position,” Kelps continued: “Including the command of the coach to promote an effective attack. And the most important, not the team to choose What is Hz, but Wenz’s own battle. “However, Cox and Celps said that the old four-point guards will not cause contradictions in the dressing room.

“As a member of Philadelphia Eagle, the primary mission is to learn to become a good teammate.” Kelps said: “This means you have to do every effort to help others, help your people succeed. So it is obvious, This is inevitable for some players’ careers, but we are a very good team. Everyone wants to get to each other’s support, get each other’s respect, doing each other, we have excellent Team culture. Especially Wenz, he is a great teammate. So I will not doubt it as soon as possible, I think all selfish people don’t think about the teammates. You should leave Philadelphia, because the team culture is not suitable for such people. “

The main coach Peterson said as a quarter-saving, it would be more: “Carson is now the same, he is also very disappointed, very low. Have a very professional player, helping yourself Teammates, this is the excellent quality I hope to observe in him. He is the leader of Philadelphia. But his position is too special, and the quadrant will have to carry more responsibility as the main coach. This is There is a good or bad, but this is not his responsibility. Everyone sees that our attack has problems, this whole season is struggling. This is the place where Kanson is low, but he has now It is a four-point guard that is expected to be expected, and people will not decrease in his expectations. “

Now, the eagle seems to be destined to say goodbye to Wenz, wait until the new season, the team will explore new quarter-off. But the huge contract on the problem is the problem that the team can’t get rid of. It is also difficult to find the next home of the high salary. Maybe Wenz is forced to leave the team, there is also hope to return to the start, retrieve yourself .