Nounes laughs to the loss Jovaldi win praise G4 first difficult to produce red socks

Red Sock Care

Red Sock Care

(Special Reporter Xue Lei is from Los Angeles) On October 27, Beijing time, Boston’s red socks have experienced 6 games from Jovaldi from the cowshed from the hardships of 7 hours and 20 points. After the 21 players were solved, they were finally attached to the third stick Max – Mangsi’s goodbye to see the home strike. After swallowing this 2-3, Jovaldi and Nounes were in the interview after the game, but the face was still filled with smile, and the red socks were still full, and they were full of confidence. Words, the fifth battle of tomorrow (Today) will come back. Special reporter Xue Lei is from Los Angeles

When this epic’s battle is over the end of Mangsi, the Dodge’s dressing room is open to all media reporters, while the reddock team’s dressing room is unlocking, from Boston’s media reporter will surrounded The player seating area on the three bases on the court, waiting for the Red Sox to assign a player to accept interviews.

The media is lacking in the landscape of Boles, and there is no feeling in the premium.

The first thing that came out of the dressing room was Rick Polylo, this super-war infinite weakened, this should be the first firing of the game focus. Even when the first pitcher Baro has appeared, there is a female reporter who is an interview with Joaldi asked curiously. “Rick, why is him?” The male reporter on the side heard this question. I can’t help but talk, ” A 18-game battle, the first Barroto 4.2 is degraded, and the post-aid pitcher Yau Waldi has suffered 6 sites to 22 players, compare the existence of the polarity, it is no wonder the reporter. Who is the first hair of today’s first farther.

Only accepting an interview is Boraro, but the topic of the media is also around Joaldi’s stunning performance. Of course, for your teammates today’s outstanding play, Posaro is also a beautiful word, “I His performance was very surprised. He was very tough to make a very toughness with each player, he never cast any one with a random. He is a very ornamental pitcher, we are proud to have him. ” In addition, when I talked about this hard battle, Po Sarao stranched the whole team plugged all. “We can even die, we need to stick to our previous game, and we will come back tomorrow.” Media We were in the lack of interest in Pod, just asked him two or three questions, let him go back, and only 2 minutes clock in total.

The team “sinner” is guilty, Jinsler reflects a fatal mistake

The player who appeared later, the media reporters naturally won’t be easy to let him, and he is also a gloomy, Ian-Kesler, the middle section of the season, from the Los Angeles Angel team, it is very no Walking, he served as a stand-in-one, and as a two-base hand, the crowd has taken a serious mistake, and the victim missed a great opportunity to end the competition in the 13th game. He is strict, he is hurt today “Sinner” of the socks.

Ian – Kingsler first described his own mistakes. He believes that the root cause of his mistake is that the footsteps are not doing well, and admit that he feels guilty and self-blaming for this mistake, “this (the game lost) It is very difficult to accept, it is difficult to swallow. “Like Rick Poso, under the question of the reporter, Jinsler also praised Jovaldi’s performance.

“He shoulder the victory of the team, he saved me, especially after the mistake I happened.”

Subsequently, Jinsler also praised the full team, especially Nounes, “Nounez pays all efforts, he is full of nothing, the whole team is also exhausted for this game, and reaches A good effect. “

“We have the opportunity to win, have the opportunity to get the last number …” Kingsler did not follow, everyone knows that no one will continue to ask, uncover this new scar.

The injured lift is still laughing, Nounez cheerful character is amused all reporters

Compared with the expression of Poelo, a little and guilty, a little, and guilty, Nunz is a lot, the mood is not too bad, just like the smile that is exposed on the court, Niez appeared in front of the media and smiled.

His injured obviously, the media is most concerned about the number one problem. “I am very good, although I feel some pain, but the problem is not big.” When I was asked to evaluate myself and about Waldi today, Nounes said full of pride. “I think we have worked very hard, we have made everything you can try to win the game, although the ideal results did not happen, but tomorrow is still a new day.”

The reporter told Narkz, Ian-Kesler just received visits here, he looked very bad, guilty for himself, and asked Nounes to say to Kingsler. I heard this problem, Nounez also converges a little smile, and the expression has become more serious and solemn. “I think we can win the ball together, can also lose together, everyone can do what they can do. Everyone will have a mistake, but I don’t think there is any problem, I will happen this kind of thing, I don’t have a good night tonight, but I will start again tomorrow. “

Perhaps it is a 18-game battle, letting reporters have reached a certain limit, and a reporter later asked a stupid problem. “How did you continue to play after injury?”

“Because we have no people, we don’t have enough players, so I have no choice, I have to continue to play, hahahaha.” Nounez’s answer allowed himself and the reporters of themselves. The reporters were also surprised to hurt the ball, why Nounes can still laugh so happy, and Nunz is the next answer, but it is more influential.

“I laughed because of such unlucky tonight, almost all unlucky things made me catch up, is this not enough?” The words have not finished, he also issued a cool laughter. In the laughter, the reporters took the initiative to let a passage, let him return to the locker room, and take a good rest.

The liberal hero about Waldi is sought after by the media. Kingsler does not have to apologize everything.

In the medium-sized expectations of the media, almost playing the Sleevey hero today – Jovaldi appeared in the exit of the seating area, the media reporter waited for so long, just to wait for his appearance.

Like Narkat, although because of the fatal mistakes of Jinsler, I missed today’s winning investment, and finally I was hit by Mangsi, and the game was ended in her hand, but Joaldi, who came out of the locker. The mood is not bad.

“I have said before, I will pursue all the victories of the team, but I am very unfortunate, we have not become a winner tonight.”

When I talked about Mangxi, I sent a goodbye to the homework, and the reporter asked about Waldi. It is my feeling that I feel good and continue to support it. Is it supported with tenacious will quality? Jewwaldi also admitted that he did not understand his situation in the last game. Drawell, you know that you have already gone so far, but you can’t win the victory, and finally just a point! “But Yau Waldi told reporters that he had been filled with 6 bureaus after the 17 games. More than 90 goals, but also in the 18th game, it is actually his own decision. “(Coach) asked my opinion, I at the time, the answer is to finish me. We have an once in this game, I have also achieved leading, we have the opportunity to win, this is the most regrettable place, I don’t have a hundred percent of the tread. “

Joaldi’s polling arm has done two ligament replacement surgery, which also surprised the reporters that he can actually play twice within a week and vote so much, Jovaldi said, “My arm feels Yes, starting from the cowshed, especially in this situation, how do you think about how to win. “

Jovaldi also revealed a small detail on a stadium. After the passing of the passing of the game, Ian Kesler took the initiative to find Jovaldi and apologize to him, Jovaldi Tell Jinsler, he doesn’t need to apologize, the team is a whole, no matter the result of winning, it is the result of the team’s efforts, not a person’s fault caused. The whole team can’t wait, I want to go back here, win the victory of the next game.


While the red stocking player is accepted on the court, while the news conference is on the spot, the red hose coach Cola is asked by the most questions, but it will send them to tomorrow. And Corla’s answer is very paralylequatic, “TBA (to beh Announced is announced), will you fight?” It is TBA. “Compared with the disciple of smile or very reluctant, I
have not been able to win this game. The Clarus is a belly fire. Therefore, in the conference site, Cola has used the question of the media to shoot to the media.

At the same time, the red sock coach also explained why he was so early to run to Martinez, “We replace him to perform the tactics of playing running, and we successfully attacked three Base, if we are JD (Martinens), we can’t perform this tactics. “Cola also confirmed the decision after the 18th Bureau continued to make Joali boarding the board and the player himself, and he admitted That one will inevitably be the last bureau of Joordi today, Posmelan is ready to debut in the green shed, if the game continues, this is not played in the big list before the game. On the court, Jovaldi who has taken over 90 goals has been cast.

Once again, I was asked by people to send a pitcher in Tomorrow, Alex Cola also realized that he had a bit of loss of his first answer, and this time he responded to a standard nonsense. “Tomorrow will definitely And it is likely to be left. So this sentence is equal to not saying.

If the reddock team sent Selle first, it indicated that the coach Cola will all blocked in the game of tomorrow, and once this gambler lost, the red socks have almost no looping. Therefore, this night is a very tangled night. It is a major test of the ability to test his coaching skills and strategic layout tonight.